The Right Place at the Wrong Time

Tutoring isn't that much of a punishment. I crashed my dad's car and all I get is tutoring?
But Im not complaining.
Aleast until everything became... weird.
First of all, Im tutoring my long-term crush.
Second, I witness vampires fighting.
Third, my crush could be a super fast vampire who fights like a beast while wearing a cloak as disguise, who is absolutely in love with me.
My life path has changed directions.


1. Navaeylee Jacobs


So I guess I'm a tutor now. 
I got in trouble with my parents and this is my third strike. Now I have to tutor for the rest of the semester. 
    Yeah, this how I got in trouble.👇

    My dad and his friends were at the house when I arrived home. 
    Men. Everywhere.
I freaked out inside.
    They weren't supposed be there and my dad knew it!
    He knows how much my mom hates it when they come over. So, I decided to embarrass him in front of his friends.
    Yeah... after I embarrassed him I kind of took the car out and crashed it.
    You see, I was invited to this party.
First of all, I didn't know the person who invited me. Second, I'm not a fan of drinking and lap dances. So I was planning on staying home.
      But my dad wanted to piss me off. So I abandoned staying home.
    While I was driving, I accidentally crashed into another car.
     It was an accident but I loved the adrenaline.
The first time my dad overly pissed me off, I snuck out to a party and ended up staying the night and woke up with a really bad hangover. 
    He had to call mom and explain what he did to make me react so differently.
    Afterall, I've always been an angel.💋


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