The Story of My Life

This story is about me... my life... and my journey... I am just like you so you would think... You see me in the hallway and I am just a normal face but underneath that shield on normal is a heartwarming story of the true me!!! But be warned... this story... might... change... your... life... FOREVER!!! I want you all to share my successes, my difficulties, my sorrows, and even my life and in this book I can do just that!!! I really hope this will change your life and I promise on my life that all of this is 100% true things that happened and about my real life!!!


5. The Unknown

Kiara had a side of rage that no one else knew about other than those she had lived with and her family.  Kiara had never quite grown out of her two-year-old-temper-tantrum stage.  She was never given the environment to do so either.  So with each day that passed she grew worse and worse with the longing for her mother and Joe.  Sherry and Dan Thomas soon got fed up with her behavior that they had to have her removed from their house.  Isaiah was fine, they enjoyed having him there.  But unfortunately he left with his younger sister to their next home.  The next home they moved to was with a nice lady by the name of Barbara.  She treated the children very well, she seemed like she loved them.  The children went to school together and they rode the same bus so they saw each other very often.  The didn’t share a room, Kiara actually shared a room with another Foster Girl.  This girl was quite a few years older than herself.  The children enjoyed this home very much! They were always happy here and they were always happy to come home to a ‘Normal’ home.  Barbara did this for them, she treated them no different than she would’ve her own children.  The only different thing that they did was that they didn’t call her ‘Mom’.  The children got fed, clothing, warmth, shelter, and even love.  This place had the words ‘Home’ and ‘Safe’ written all over it.  Isaiah and Kiara were  very well behaved here, well, they were well behaved together wherever they went actually.  The kids rarely ever got into fights with one another, the only fighting they did was just teasing one another. Since Isaiah was older, he was much more capable of teasing Kiara than she was of him.  As far as being Foster Children, Isaiah and Kiara were pretty normal. The two siblings actually loved being together as much as they possibly could, just like any other kids.  If they were split up, their life fell into a million pieces! Isaiah would always put his happiness on the line in order to be with his little sister because he loved her.  Kiara would do the same for her brother, she loved him more than anything in the whole world!  The two children growing more unhappy with each passing day, longing for their mother and their home.  They just wanted to know why they couldn’t just have their own mom, they didn’t want anyone else.  Isaiah knew that was all he wanted but Kiara was willing and ready to find a new family since they wouldn’t allow her to keep her own mom.  Isaiah was not willing in any way to find a family because he knew that his own family was his faily and he didn’t want to let that go.  Why did these two kids have to find new families? Why can’t they just keep theirs? What did they do wrong? These questions flowed through their heads every day of their lives, they couldn’t help wanting to know the unknown.

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