The Story of My Life

This story is about me... my life... and my journey... I am just like you so you would think... You see me in the hallway and I am just a normal face but underneath that shield on normal is a heartwarming story of the true me!!! But be warned... this story... might... change... your... life... FOREVER!!! I want you all to share my successes, my difficulties, my sorrows, and even my life and in this book I can do just that!!! I really hope this will change your life and I promise on my life that all of this is 100% true things that happened and about my real life!!!


4. The Life

Many things happened after the whole trampoline incident in the backyard of Angelica’s house.  Isaiah became tired of it that he insisted that he wanted to move.  He told Angelica that she was always being mean to him when he never did anything wrong.  Angelica told him that if he would like her to call his social worker that she would gladly do it.  Not too much later the children’s social worker showed up at the house to talk to Isaiah about the issue.  Isaiah explained that Angelica never treated him fairly and that she was always punishing him for things he didn’t even do.  The social worker seemed convinced  considering that Kiara was also standing behind her brother’s chair agreeing to everything he said.  Kiara felt that she was a part of this, but what she didn’t know was that she wasn’t going with him.  She been treated fairly there unlike her brother, she actually enjoyed living there.  About a week after the meeting with the social worker, Isaiah left for a new home.  Kiara was very sad to see her brother go, but on the bright side now she would get more attention since that was all that young children want.  Other than the fact that their was another baby living their, Kiara just about got all of the attention.  That lasted only for a short while when another girl moved into the house with Kiara, Angelica, and the baby.  It was another little girl.  She had brown hair and was a little younger than Kiara.  She was very quiet, this usually meant trouble.  Kiara really didn’t like this girl not only because she stole all of Kiara’s attention but also because she would never play with her.  The little girl would always say that Kiara did something that she didn’t do, Kiara was always in trouble.  This little girl had been a thorn in her side since the moment she arrived their!  Now she knew how her brother felt whenever he would get in trouble for stuff, and it wasn’t even stuff Kiara would say.  Kiara soon became fed up with this new lifestyle.  She approached Angelica and said “I want to move with my Bubba!” Angelica told her that if she wanted to move that she would be more than happy to call her social worker and that Kiara would have to pack up her stuff all by herself.  Kiara ran to her room and started crying, she was crying because of how bad it was there and how she had to pack up her stuff all by herself.  It was hard to do this but Kiara succeeded after a while of work and lots of tears, but she accomplished and overcame her own packing and was now ready to leave this dreaded place that they called a ‘Home’!  Kiara’s social worker came a few days later to pick her up.  When she came, Kiara was all packed up and ready to go.  Kiara told the social worker that Angelica forced her to pack up all of her things with no help.  The social worker thought that this was just horrendous and she snatched Kiara’s bag and took her by the hand as they walked out of the front door to her new home.  The whole way to her new home Kiara could not stop thinking about her brother and how much she missed him.  The house he lived in was a half house.  A half house is a regular house but with one big wall that separates the whole thing into two.  Luckily, both halves of the house were actually related.  Terry and Dan had children that lived in the other half of the house with their own children and family.  They had a fairly well sized piece of property, well in other words it was big enough so all of the kids could play with a good amount of space.  They had a trampoline, little toy cars, bikes, scooters, and things of the sort.  In the winter the kids would have snowball fights in the backyard and make big snow barricades to hid from the snowballs thrown from the others.  They also would make an igloo using the snow that had settled on the top of the trampoline as the top of their igloo.  They would then make walls using surrounding snow and leave a big enough hole for them to climb in and out of as their doorway.  The kids actually never spent much time inside they were mostly outside unless they were having dinner or sleeping.  Those were probably the two main times that they would go into the house. 

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