The Story of My Life

This story is about me... my life... and my journey... I am just like you so you would think... You see me in the hallway and I am just a normal face but underneath that shield on normal is a heartwarming story of the true me!!! But be warned... this story... might... change... your... life... FOREVER!!! I want you all to share my successes, my difficulties, my sorrows, and even my life and in this book I can do just that!!! I really hope this will change your life and I promise on my life that all of this is 100% true things that happened and about my real life!!!


3. The Home

She was two years old when she was sitting in a car on her way to who knows where.  Tears slowly dripped their way down her still so soft baby cheeks.  Her eyes red and swollen from the many tears released from her beautiful hazel eyes.  Her body still trembling from the memories of the night before as she stares out the window in a daze, unable to connect with reality she continues to weep with sorrow.  She peers across the rear seat towards her brother who is also staring out  the window, but he is not crying he just has a look of confusion plastered on his young face.  He seemed to more than his younger sister however.  They stayed silent in their seats until the neared a homes driveway and the car pulled left until parked peacefully on the rock infested driveway.  The lady spoke “This is your new home, the Michael’s.”  The children continued to stare out the window at this place that she had called ‘Home’.  This wasn’t home, home was in their apartment.  Home was where they had spent many of their hours out playing in the trees that stood behind the building.  Home was not this house that they had never seen.  It was not this rock driveway, nor was it the people approaching them from the house before they got out of the car.  She and her brother so dearly wanted to understand why this place was ‘Home’.  Still shaking she wriggled free of her car seat and slowly trudged her way over to her brother’s side so she would feel safe among these strangers.  She had been taught to never talk to strangers unless she was with Mommy or Joe, so why would she now decide to communicate with these people.  Kiara eyed the bald man who stood tall and broad.  he had little hair that went round the rear of his head.  His name was Chris Michael, Kiara all of a sudden knew that this man was going to be someone she could trust and understand.  He greeted them with a welcoming hand shake and herded them towards his house.  Chris gave the children a tour around his home and showed them where they would be staying.  He had two sons there was one just a tad bit older than Kiara and a little younger than Isaiah.  They also had another son and he was a baby, his nickname was ‘Chewy’ because he really liked chewing on stuff.  He also had a wife, she was a very beautiful woman.  She also welcomed them into her home with warmth and kindness.  The children lived there with the Michael’s for a short time before they were sent off to another home.  This place was called a Safe Home.  A safe home is sort of like a hotel for Foster Children.  Many children live there of all different ages and types, they house the children and care for them until a family comes along and takes them home with them.  The two children lived there for a short while also, but just long enough to make a few friends.  They also made a few memories there too like Kiara got her first bee sting at the safe home.  They were cleaning up all of the outdoor toys and Kiara went to a scooter.  At the safe home they taught you that ‘even if you didn’t play with it and your passing by it then please take care of it’.  So Kiara reached for the handle bars of the scooter and didn’t notice a bee perched on top of the right handle bar.  She place her hand right on top of it and it stung right in the middle of her right palm.  Isaiah also learned something new there, he learned how to whistle and how to pump his legs on the swing.  Kiara had to teach him because she was a quick learner and at the rate she made friends and learned stuff her brother was lagging behind in his learning cycle.  Not long after being placed in the group home along with her brother and many other children, they were taken in to a new home by a women name Angelica.  The woman seemed frightening to them at first, she also seemed mean.  But they were willing to give the lady a chance so that they may have a chance at finding a new family.  The lived with Angelica for a short while before she started treating Kiara’s brother horribly.  One day the two sibling were jumping together on the trampoline in the backyard and they were playing a game called popcorn.  This game was where one kid would lie curled up like a ball in the center of the trampoline.  The other kid would try their hardest to bounce the kid lying down out of their ball form.  If they succeeded then they won that round and it was their turn to lie down while the other tried to win.  Isaiah, in this game, accidentally stepped on Kiara’s hair and she started to cry, mind that she was just a young girl who still cried about everything.  Kiara ran up to Angelica on the back porch and she sent Isaiah into his room to write he is sorry to Kiara 100 times!  That wasn’t what Kiara wanted for her brother.  She immediately stopped crying and acted like everything was alright.  Kiara had been told that she could not go into the house until her brother was done with his consequence.  Kiara convinced Angelica that she was fine after the incident by playing by herself.  She told Angelica a little white lie saying that she had to use the restroom.  Angelica allowed her to go and use the restroom.  Kiara was actually going to find a way to let her brother out of his prison.  She searched high and low for a key to his door, she saw a little table to the left of her brothers door.  She opened the one drawer that it had and lone behold she had found the key to the locks on the doors.  Isaiah heard his door knob being rattled with and he approached the door and whispered “Kiara is that you?” Kiara replied to him “Hold on Bubba, I almost done.”  A second after, Isaiah went back to his desk just in case Angelica was about to come.  Kiara slowly opened the door and walked up behind her brother at his desk.  He turned his tear streaked face to his young sister, “Kiara I really didn’t mean to, I am so sorry!” Kiara dove into Isaiah’s chest and hugged him tight “Bubba I was never mad at you I sorry too”.  She climbed into his lap and cuddled him, they cried together for a short while.  Kiara sent her brother through the basement door so he could escape.  She casually made her way to the back porch once more.  When she came to the wood pallets of the porch all was well and normal Angelica assumed.  A few minutes later Kiara caught a glimpse of her brother making his way to the view of Angelica in the center of the backyard.  They heard him start yelling something through his shuddering voice as he cried once more.  They could not make out what he was saying, it sounded sympathetic though.  Angelica was furious, she glared at Kiara as she rose from her lounge chair.  Angelica stormed down the stairs towards Isaiah who waited patiently but fearfully as she approached him and dragged him back to his prison of a room.  Kiara cried as she saw her brother get put away once more.

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