The Story of My Life

This story is about me... my life... and my journey... I am just like you so you would think... You see me in the hallway and I am just a normal face but underneath that shield on normal is a heartwarming story of the true me!!! But be warned... this story... might... change... your... life... FOREVER!!! I want you all to share my successes, my difficulties, my sorrows, and even my life and in this book I can do just that!!! I really hope this will change your life and I promise on my life that all of this is 100% true things that happened and about my real life!!!


1. The Day

Receiving her kisses and hugs before she wandered off to bed, Kiara slowly makes her way around the living room to each and every member lounging on the furniture.  She proclaims her last goodnight and strolls down the hall along with her older brother Isaiah.  The two siblings arrived in their bedroom that they shared with one another along with their parents also.  A bunk bed placed against the wall is where they slept and Kiara rested on the top bunk while her brother took the bottom.  Not much time had passed after they had gently rested their heads on their pillows when they heard much commotion seeping through their door to the left of their bed.  They lift their heads and peer at the door in curiosity.  Isaiah slowly approaches the door and Kiara a step behind, wander ever so carefully to the door.  They slowly open the door and much to their surprise they see their mother and her new found, and very drunken, boyfriend fighting.  Isaiah, staring in terror, watches his mother as she runs from the man while crying and screaming.  He slowly looks at his younger sister who is only two years younger than himself, he sees tears streaming down her face.  He realizes that she is much too young to be seeing what she is.  He grasps her in a tight and very comforting hug as she trembles in fear at the fight she is witnessing plays out in front of their eyes.  The man approaches our doorway with a passionate spark shining in his brown eyes.  Kiara notices his thumb is sliced and covered in blood, he reaches that bloody hand out to stroke her beautifully curly blonde hair.  Kiara dodges his kind gesture and hides behind her brother as she becomes more and more terrified.  Their mother rushes up to her beloved children and speaks in a fearful tone telling them to go back into their room and that everything will be alright.  While hiding in their bedroom the children realize that the ruckus starts to die down.  They slip through the doorway once more to observe the scene and to see if it is safe to come out. They found their mother sitting with her back pushed up against the door.  They heard a very loud pounding coming from the opposite side of the door that their mother was leaning against.  The caring children sat on either side of their mom in concern and asked her what was going on.  The only thing that their mother explained was that the man was a bad man and that she didn’t know he was this bad until now.  Their mother once again shooed the children into their room to hide from the violent man.  The night, once again, filled with the sound of their mothers screams fighting against the mans drunkenness.  All of a sudden, the night went into a dark silence.  The children saw bright lights outside of their window, lights with the colors Red, White, and Blue.  The children went to the door of their room to find a  police officer rushing up to them.  The officer explained to them that they had to leave their home. The officer gave them permission to grab a treasured belonging.  Kiara ran to her bed and grabbed a stuffed dog that she had since birth.  She approached her brother who was looking for an action figure that he seemingly lost.  He lifted up the sheet to their parents bed and he found a knife.  He carried it to the officer who was watching them, the officer took it kindly with much gratitude and left the room.  Isaiah gave up on finding his toy and walked with his arm around his sister out of the building along with the officers.  The officer made the children comfortable by keeping their minds busy with small talk about little childish things.  Kiara asked the officer how he knew where her MiMi lived.  The officer explained to her that he knows where everyone lives because he is magical and also that its part of his job.  The children finally arrived at their MiMi’s house and it was around 2:00 in the morning.  MiMi had a room that was made just for her two grandchildren and they shared it.  Their were two twin beds, a closet, side tables, and a toy box for the kids.  The children said hello to their grandmother and their mother’s former boyfriend, Joe, who was also staying with MiMi.  The Grandmother was the mother of Joe.  Joe was the semi-step-father of the children.  The children went up to their room and slept peacefully for the remainder of the night in the calming silence.  When the children awoke the next morning, they proceeded with their schedule as usual.  They ate their breakfast and they went outside to play with a friend they had made a long time ago in their grandmother’s neighborhood.  The young girl was the same age as Isaiah and her name was Samantha.  All three of the children played together for a few hours when a lady showed up in a small black car.  She approached Isaiah and Kiara, she led them to her car.  Isaiah walked with no fight while Kiara, on the other hand, fought the woman.  She did not know this lady who was taking her away, she looked at MiMi’s door only to find her standing there watching as the lady piled them into her oh so small car.  Joe came outside also and all Kiara could bear to say and or scream was how she wanted Joe so.

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