The Story of My Life

This story is about me... my life... and my journey... I am just like you so you would think... You see me in the hallway and I am just a normal face but underneath that shield on normal is a heartwarming story of the true me!!! But be warned... this story... might... change... your... life... FOREVER!!! I want you all to share my successes, my difficulties, my sorrows, and even my life and in this book I can do just that!!! I really hope this will change your life and I promise on my life that all of this is 100% true things that happened and about my real life!!!


2. The Beginning

A   beautiful baby girl was birthed into the world on January the twenty-fifth of the year two-thousand.  Alexis Lynn Ryder was her mother’s name and her father was Nathaniel James Taylor.  The couple had also, two years before, brought a baby boy into the world.  His name was Isaiah Nathaniel Taylor, he was the baby girl’s brother.  The baby girl was given the name of Kiara Elizabeth Taylor.  Nathaniel and Alexis, however, split up before Kiara’s birth.  Alexis and her two children lived together in an apartment.  The children both had bleach blonde hair with natural beach waves and curls.  They had Hazel eyes that were multicolored with the colors green, brown, blue, orange, and gold.  Alexis was a dirty blonde with green eyes and a beautiful complexion.  Nathaniel was also a dirty blonde but he had brown eyes and he also had a clear complexion.  Alexis soon started seeing a man and his name was Joseph Matthew.  He was a medium brunette with brown eyes and a semi-clear complexion.  He became the children’s step-father, he always treated them with kindness and love and he wanted to be the father that they never had.  He wished the best for the children and although him and Alexis were not married he still felt it was his duty to protect and care for these children as if they were his own.  Joe was a man of honor and he was also a man of his word, whatever Alexis could no longer take care of he would take under his wing and care for it himself.  He lived with the family in their apartment and he tended to regular fatherly duties.  The children adored Joe and they actually looked to him as a father figure and role model.  The children also had occasional visits with their biological father who lived right around the block from them.  The children did not care so much for their father, he did not treat them as well as a father figure should.  At about age two, Kiara knew better than to look at her father’s television or he would get seriously angry with her.  One evening, Kiara merely glimpsed at the T.V. and her father came storming up to her and set her on a high bar chair and placed hot sauce in her mouth.  She was too small to climb down from the stool on her own so she had to sit there and suffer the pain of burning in her tender baby mouth.  The father treated his four year old boy like a prince, he spoiled him at all times and acted like he hated his daughter.  Kiara felt mutually about her father, she would much rather believe that her father was Joe instead of Nathaniel.  No young girl needs to be treated the way that she had been by her father.  Every now and then, the family would travel to visit other members or have members visit them.  They had a fairly large family tree with all of the members from both of their parents sides and their step-father’s.  The family went through much during the young ages of the two children.  Their mother split up with their father and she soon found another man.  Later Joe and Alexis got in an argument that caused them to split up, which then led their mother into another search for a man.  That was when she found the man that caused the terrifying night in their apartment.  The children had never seen or met the man until the night when he ruined their family.  They never caught his name either, but they were never interested in knowing him after how much of a scare he put them through.  

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