Nine years ago Skylar's mother died in a car accident. And now she has a even bigger problem to worry about. It actually happened when she went out to think about her mother's death. The next thing she knew wolves were mauling her. And now she's a werewolf. Tada. But she has to hide it from her father, her friends (who really aren't that great of friends), and her possibly-boyfriend-but-not-exactly-sure-best-guy-friend Jackson.
Who she really has a crush on.


11. Introductions

After the pack had finished eating the deer, the big black Alpha came up to me. I was thinking that I should introduce you to everyone. But I really don't have that much time, so that will be Song's job. he told me, beckoning the brown fae with his tail.

Song? That's a weird name for a wolf, I thought, glaring at the brown wolf, who was giving me a pitiful look of some sort. I started to growl. I've had enough of those sort of looks in my life, and I really didn't want these wolves to do the same thing that all the kids at school did when they found out my mother died.

Sky, I'm not judging you, Song's voice was sweet, all knowing but still had a rough edge to it. I turned and laid down, setting my head on my paws. So, you're going to introduce me to the others? I asked, and Song nodded. I'll tell you their names, she said giving a me a tiny smile.

Song pointed towards the Alpha with her nose. His name is Eagle. That grey wolf you were with earlier, his name is Smoke. That fae that's by herself, her name is Sapphire.  The fae, black with a white spot, shaped like a diamond on her forehead, was staring right at me. Her sea green eyes were icy cold, and her body was rigid, sending of waves of hostility towards me.

She's a little tough on the newbies, but she really is nice, Song assured me. Her friendly light grey eyes twinkled happily. That big brute, that's talking with Eagle, his name's Hawk, Song murmured, gazing towards a giant dark brown brute. His muscles gleamed as he stretched, and I couldn't help feeling useless. All of these wolves were so powerful. I was just some weak human in a wolf's body.

Oh, and those two wolves looking at us from the trees are Feather and Night, Song told me, and I craned my neck to see two small wolves hidden in the darkness of trees. Two pairs of eyes, one dark blue, the other silver, looked back at us. Feather is the smaller light grey one, and Night is the slightly bigger black one. And that's pretty much the whole pack, Song smiled, and I nodded.

So seven wolves in total? I asked, and Song nodded. Yes. Oh, and Sky, I forgot to welcome you to the pack. So welcome to the pack! She cheered and I cringed.

Why the hell do these wolves like to celebrate so much?

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