Nine years ago Skylar's mother died in a car accident. And now she has a even bigger problem to worry about. It actually happened when she went out to think about her mother's death. The next thing she knew wolves were mauling her. And now she's a werewolf. Tada. But she has to hide it from her father, her friends (who really aren't that great of friends), and her possibly-boyfriend-but-not-exactly-sure-best-guy-friend Jackson.
Who she really has a crush on.


13. Identities

At school the next day my brain was a little like scrambled eggs. I just couldn't get Jackson out of my head.

Planning it out, I would tell him that I was in love with him later. Maybe just over text.... and then I realized I would just freak out at the last moment like I always do. Due to my shyness. I guess I must've gotten t from my mom. My dad could talk and talk for hours. I never really got to know my mom, and all I really remember of her is her long honey blonde hair, her intense blue eyes, the smile she always had on her, and her love for animals.

I can barely remember a memory of Father joking that Mother loved animals more than she did us. But she made a face at him then gave us ginormous hugs and kisses all over.

"Skylar! Hey, are you daydreaming or something?" Jackson's voice ripped me out of my thoughts.

"Oh. No, just a little tired.... I didn't really get much sleep last night." Which was true. The thought of Jackson alone had kept me up all night. I let out a long yawn, to prove my fact.

"Cool. Hehe. So, see you at lunch, I guess." He waved, and I gave him a tightlipped smile, then headed to my advanced classes. I hardly had any classes with Jackson, since I was smart, but I really didn't feel like going and spending the whole day away from him. I pondered it for a moment as I rushed through the crowd. No, I was being foolish. I would be a good little girl as usual and be perfect for everyone. Just like a little lap dog. I shuddered.

The similarities between being a lap dog and a werewolf were a little too similar. 


At lunch I went over to Jackson's table. Ash and Cases never even noticed my absence, I noted, before shrugging. I would be just fine without them. I was the dysfunctional one of the group anyways. His friends were a little too emu for me, so I just stayed closer to him.

"Sky, don't be afraid. I'll protect you." Jackson leaned in close, whispering in my ear.

The heat of his breath made me shiver.

"Are you cold?" His voice was worried, and he started to take off his jacket and I shook my head frantically.

"No! I mean, no, I'm fine." I let out a little sigh. "I'm not cold at all."

"Oh. Hey, my sister wants to talk to you," Jackson said, pointing to where his younger sister sat with her group of friends.

I got up, and walked to the table. Seven eager eyes met me.

Seven? Something about that number rang a tiny bell in my head. I just ignored it. I was going crazy. I was probably just imagining all of this werewolf crap that's been going on lately.

"Sky? Calm down, please." Nicole Gettoc said. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her dark brown eyes sparkled kindly. Nicole pulled out a chair, and gave me a smile. She was the nicest, most athletic girl in the school.

I realized I had started sweating and breathing really heavy. "Sorry,"

"Don't be nervous. We already accepted you into the group," Gavin Summers said. His voice was deep, and his black hair was shaggy around his eyes. His emerald eyes were lazy, and he acted like he was the coolest guy around- well, maybe because he was. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, and opened them again.

"Sky, it's us." Owen Hill said, giving me a goofy smirk. His hazel eyes sparkled with laughter, and his light brown hair was spiky, seeming as he hadn't brushed it yet.

"Smoke?" I breathed, grasping the edge of the chair.

"Yeah." Owen said, raising his eyebrows, then nudged Travis Callan. His brown hair was gelled back, and his light grey eyes darted nervously around everywhere.  "Oh. I'm, uh, Night."

"And obviously I'm Feather," Desi Callan winked, nudging Travis, her twin. Her curly auburn hair tumbled along her shoulders, and intense blue eyes gazed at me. I fidgeted uncomfortably. It wasn't hard to be unnerved by the twins- they were both excellent singers and dancers.

"Yeah. So. I'm Sera, Jackson's sister. And don't tell him I'm a werewolf." sera rolled her eyes, as if to say obviously, and put her feet on the lunch table, showing off her leather combat boots. Her teal eyes grilled me, and I bit my lip and scooted my chair back. "You're going to have lunch with us everyday from now on."

"But.." I mumbled, looking back at Jackson. He was laughing with his friends, not looking at me at all.

"He doesn't need you after all, perfect girl." Sera hissed, and I felt my lip curl. "Girls, calm it down!" Nicole stood up, slamming her tan arms on the table. "The pack needs us all to be respectful to each other. And yes, Sera, the pack includes you."

Sera scowled, and chewed a piece of gum loud enough hat the whole lunch room could hear.

"I'm sorry she's such a pain. But I'm afraid that's just how she was born," Gavin gave me a half smile, and then chatted with Sam.




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