Nine years ago Skylar's mother died in a car accident. And now she has a even bigger problem to worry about. It actually happened when she went out to think about her mother's death. The next thing she knew wolves were mauling her. And now she's a werewolf. Tada. But she has to hide it from her father, her friends (who really aren't that great of friends), and her possibly-boyfriend-but-not-exactly-sure-best-guy-friend Jackson.
Who she really has a crush on.


7. Future

Nine days later, Christmas break was over, and school would be starting back up again.

"Skylar! Get your butt up! You'll be late on the first day back!" Father was screaming at me from downstairs, and I moaned, opening my eyes half way, then closing them shut again. I have always hated waking up early on school days. I mean, school isn't something to look forward too.

There was really nothing important for me to look forward to, except maybe the fact that I would see Jackson. Ash and Cass would probably freak out and try to hug me and no way was that going to happen.

"Skylar! Get up!" Father's voice was getting impatient, so I kicked my blankets of and stood in front of my bed.  Stretching my arms up behind my head, yawned, then strode over to my dresser and picked out a grey tank top with a long sleeved turquoise shirt. Pulling them on, I pulled the bottom drawer open and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans.

Sighing, I pulled my long hair into a pony tail, then looked into my floor length mirror. My cerulean eyes were bright and sparkling but I felt like crap, and my scars from the wolves were aching.

Putting on a layer of thick black mascara, then a layer of dark grey eye shadow, I grimaced. I swear, if anyone tries to help me and say that they're sorry that I got freaking mauled by wolves, which I really had no choice in, I will rip out their throats. I've had enough of all that sympathy from when the whole town found out that my mother died.


At school everything was actually normal for once, and Cass and Ash had acted completely normal for once. Ah just flicked her short brown hair then droned on and on about her now-ex-boyfriend, who obviously was a jerk and all that stuff. Cass giggled every once and awhile, then tried to say something about her wonderful boyfriend, I guess, and then gave me a tiny smile, as if to say 'Wow, Ashly sure can talk for a while,' and I just nodded back, then looked down at the ground and rolled my eyes. Ash snapped her fingers in  my face and gave me a confused look.

 "Are you even paying attention, Skylar?" Her deep brown eyes grilled into me, and I frowned.

"Yeah, I just was looking at the wonderful snow," I lied, feeling heat come to my cheeks. God, that has to be the lamest excuse ever, I thought, looking back into her eyes. Ash's face lit up, and she got this goofy grin.

"Oh! Well, I still need to tell you about how Cameron was such a gentleman, I mean, he actually opened the door for me, ya know, and he was so polite and sweet!" she babbled, and I saw Cass, in the corner of my eye, give me a smirk, then a wink. This was what I was going to look forward to.

 Ashly giving me a commentary of her love life, and Cassie sneaking me smirks when Ash wasn't looking.

Yeah, I had sooo much to look forward in life.


After school, Jackson was waiting for me at my locker, and I gave him a tiny smile as I opened my locker and stuffed books into my book bag.

"So, how was your day?" He said, wincing a bit when I gave him a death stare.

"Don't feel sorry for me." I growled, and Jackson scowled.

"I wasn't, Sky. God, why're you so moody?" He replied, following me as I walked down the halls.

"No idea," I barked, glancing at him.

"I'm serious. You're acting really weird." Jackson put his hands on my shoulders, sopping me from running away.

"Just leave me the hell alone," I shrieked, and I felt my heart lurch. He was right. I never was this mean to anyone, and all of a sudden I was growling and screaming at my best friend. I was the quietest person in the whole school. And now I was screaming at my best friend in the whole world.

There had to be something wrong with me.

Maybe I was just remembering the wolves attacking me all over again, and something about that made me want to attack everyone I laid my eyes on.

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