Nine years ago Skylar's mother died in a car accident. And now she has a even bigger problem to worry about. It actually happened when she went out to think about her mother's death. The next thing she knew wolves were mauling her. And now she's a werewolf. Tada. But she has to hide it from her father, her friends (who really aren't that great of friends), and her possibly-boyfriend-but-not-exactly-sure-best-guy-friend Jackson.
Who she really has a crush on.


12. Falling

Somehow I had gotten home, taking paths through the shadows that I hadn't even know existed before. Somehow I just had a natural instinct for it now. I walked in the dark, empty house, and saw a note. It was quickly scrawled in Father's neat handwriting.

I had to go do an emergency surgery. Hope you feel better in the morning. - Father

"Ooookay," I whispered, climbing the stairs to the bathroom. I took a long, hot shower (which felt so nice after being a forest for almost 9 hours) and washed the mud off my face, realizing that I was still going to have to go to school tomorrow. Which was in 5 hours. Why the hell was I the one who had to be a werewolf. I had to freaking fill people's expectations at school. I didn't want to deal with all this extra stuff that came along with all this. But I guess fate doesn't work like that, I thought, rolling my eyes.

I put on my favorite fuzzy pajama pants which were zebra striped. The grey shirt I put on was one of Jackson's old ones that he had gave me, and looking back I realize that it is kinda weird for a girl to be wearing a guy's shirt, but, hey, they are comfortable. That reminded me of Jackson. He was probably still pissed at me, but I checked my phone anyways.

Only one message from Ashly. She just said 'Hey'. This just shows how much my so called 'friends' really care about me. Letting out a mournful sigh, I went to my room and laid on my bed, pulling the heavy black comforter over my head,  snuggling into the nest that I had made.

The last thing I remembered before I fell asleep was the sound of Father's car pulling into the driveway.


Before school the next day Jackson came up to me at my locker. His hair was gelled back, and his green eyes were filled with pain, and endless sorrow. A scar stretched from his eye down to his cheek. His navy blue jacket was way to big on him, and his Converse were scuffed up as usual. I couldn't help but bite my lip, feeling anger well up behind my eyes. Jackson was really a great guy. But if he had come here to give me sympathy I wasn't going to fucking take it anymore.

Not from anyone. 

"Sky. Um. I'm sorry for acting like such a.... a bitch lately. It's just that my family... we're going through some really hard stuff right now. And I understand that you're probably going through some crap, too." He winced, probably expecting me to snap at him like I had that one day. "Oh," I mumbled.

"I'm sorry..."I apologized, looking into his eyes.

"So, does this mean we're friends again?" He asked, giving me a sheepish smile.




When school got out, I went to my locker, grabbed the heavy science textbook and stuffed it in my book bag. Walking into the parking lot, I waited until the school buses were gone, and then got into my old rusty blue Ford truck. Luckily it started without any problem, and the heat started. Outside the snow was beginning to melt, and today there was no clouds blocking the sun's warmth. But there was a cold breeze blowing into my face, and I couldn't help but wait a few moments to try and warm up before I went home.

"Skylar!" I heard Jackson's voice just as I began to leave, and I hit the brakes.

"What?" I growled, rolling down the window, glaring at him. "You left your agenda on your desk in Mrs. Cirri's room," he responded, outstretching his arm with the agenda in it. Taking it, I bit my lip. "Oh. Do you need anything else?" I gulped nervously. Jackson just shrugged.

"My car kinda has a flat tire," He switched feet, looking at the ground.

"Shit. So... you want me to drive you home?" I questioned, and he gave a nervous laugh. "I thought you might have an extra tire?" Jackson came closer, looking into my eyes. His eyes were such a beautiful, deep emerald, sparkling like the ocean on a sunny day just like this.  

"Nope, sorry." I looked away, closing my eyes.

"Then you're gonna have to drive me home, Sky," He was suddenly on the other side, and had already climbed in the passenger seat.

"Lucky me." I said, looking at his face, angled towards the sun, his pale skin temporarily becoming tan. He was so perfect, like one of the angel statues in the cemetery. 

"Yup, lucky you." Jackson turned his head, and gave me his famous smirk.

God, he was so beautiful......



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