Nine years ago Skylar's mother died in a car accident. And now she has a even bigger problem to worry about. It actually happened when she went out to think about her mother's death. The next thing she knew wolves were mauling her. And now she's a werewolf. Tada. But she has to hide it from her father, her friends (who really aren't that great of friends), and her possibly-boyfriend-but-not-exactly-sure-best-guy-friend Jackson.
Who she really has a crush on.


6. Explanations

"Skylar!" Jackson's voice drifted to  me, where I sat on a bench in front of the café.

"Hey," I greeted him, as he ran through the empty parking lot.

"What.. happened? You weren't answering your phone.." he asked, and I looked at his face. Jackson's long, shaggy black hair had fallen into his eyes, which were a green color. His eyebrow was pierced and I didn't even know when he had got it pierced.

"When the hell did you get your eyebrow pierced," I countered, staring at him.

"Um.. my parents let me do it, if that's what you're wondering. You know how my parents don't care about me or Sera," He shrugged, sitting next to me the bench. That what comlpetley true. Jackson's parents were hardly ever home, engulfed in their work at an giant law firm.

"Oh." I said, feeling angry that he had never told me. "Why didn't you tell me, then?" I asked, feeling my mouth form into a frown. "I texted you about it, but you never answered," Jackson retorted, and I bit my lip. "I'm sorry about how I never answered you." I whispered, feeling bad.

"It's okay, Sky. I just really was worried about you, and all." Jackson put his cold, pale hands on my shoulder, trying to make me feel better, but really it was making me feel worse. "So, are you going to tell me what happened or not?" he added, and I winced.

Eventually I would have to tell him what had happened, though. I couldn't hide this from him forever.

"I....I was out in the woods, and I got attacked by wolves." I explained, looking into his gaze. Jackson sat there for a moment, completely silent, the only sound I could hear was a few lonesome cars on the roads.

"Okay," he murmured, and he hugged me, and I felt so safe in his arms, like nothing could ever hurt me as long as he was next to me. "Where's the scars?" he implored, and I bit my lip.

"They were hardly anything, so they're pretty much healed," I replied, and he nodded a tiny nod, then returned to a normal position, prying my arms from him.

"Well, do you want to get some food or not?" he asked, taking my hand and pulling me up from the bench.

"You are such a guy," I laughed, shaking my head. Jackson rolled his eyes, then we went in the café.


Looking back at this, when I got home later that evening, after laughing my head off with Jackson, I know that I like him. As in, more than a friend. But I'm too shy to admit it to tell it right to his face.

Soon if I don't we'll both end up hurt and alone.

That's how every great thing ends, after all.





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