When The World Ends

The year is 2039 and a plague has wiped out most of the population. Only a handful of us are left, and we have made two groups that we will be separated into. The Everentia's and the Camolit's. My name is Wren Isabella Castin and I am one of these people. Somehow we have survived and I know that it can't last much longer. Something is going to give, right beneath us.....


1. Prolouge - Wren

The plague had killed Mother, Father, little brother Joey and older sister Celia. Now I was the only left in our house, left alone to fend off the miserable sickness that surely would kill me as slowly and painfully as it had them. I buried their bodies, now light from the many months of starving and withering until you were dead.

 Wiping tears off my face, looking away from the bright sun, which glared down angrily at me, I realized there must be at least a few others left in our small farm town. Going back into the house, I collected what belonging were worth keeping in my book bag that was used for school, until the plague had hit. I could remember the day perfectly, as pristine as the sparkling fresh water in the stream by our house....

It was a Friday afternoon, and Mrs. Kure, our science teacher, had given us homework to do over the weekend. We couldn't shut up about te plague.... It was all over the news, telling us about how it had struck across the big ocean, over in a place called Africa. The news lady had said how more than half the population was already dead, and that scientists were warning if it somehow got to the Americas, the whole population would be dead within a few years. That sent a chill down my spine, and at school word had spread. Macie Ritter, my science partner, whose parents were both doctors, said how the school should give us masks like te doctors do at the hospital to wear so we wouldn't get the plague, too... But it really confused me. If the plague was as brutal as they had said on the news, a silly mask wouldn't protect us.

And I was completely right. That day, after I had got home from school, a case of the plague was reported in the town. , It was Macie Ritter's father. I guess the mask didn't help him.

He was dead within a month, and they didn't have a funeral for him since his body was so ridden with the disease. Anyone who touched him would have gotten the plague too. 

My family had all passed within a span of three months; Mother had gotten it first, then baby Joey, then Celia, then Father. Somehow I was spared.

I guess fate works in mysterious ways.

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