The Diary

Lily's life isn't exactly perfect, but it's normal. Normal family, normal friends, and normal boyfriend. But that soon all changes when Lily's boyfriend Andy breaks up with her. The break up sends her right into the arms of the cool and popular Kyle James, but what starts as a one night stand turns into a pregnancy. Lily decides to make a diary for her unborn child sharing her struggles with being a pregnant teenager.


5. Chapter 5

"How could this have happened?"  asked my mom.

"It was stupid, I didn't think it could happen the first time."  I said.

"You and Andy should've been smarter than that."  she said.

"Umm, it's not Andy's."  I said, backing away a little.

"What?!  You cheated on your boyfriend!"  she said, practically shaking with rage.

"No, he dumped me so I decided to go for a walk and I ran into Kyle James and then..."  I trailed off.

"Look, it's not just that you had sex with another guy, it's the fact that you let him get you pregnant.  Wait till your dad here's about this."  she said.

"Can't we wait to tell him?"  I asked.

"We can't just not tell him, Lily."  she said.

"I'm not saying we shouldn't tell him, I just think we should wait."  I said.

"What exactly are you going to do with this baby?"  she asked.

"I was thinking adoption."  I said.

"Have you told Kyle yet?"  she asked.

"Yeah, he went with me to get the test."

"What does he think about all this?"  she asked.

"He said he's fine with whatever I want to do."  I said.

"Look, you need to understand that guys his age aren't the most reliable.  He may not stick around for this pregnancy."  my mom said.

"I don't care whether Kyle is in the picture or not, I care more about Andy.  I'm afraid he's going to leave me when he finds out."  

"You need to understand that that is a possibility.  I doubt he will want to stick around you when he knows you're pregnant with another boy's baby."  she said.

"I know, but maybe he will."

"And maybe he won't.  The only way to know for sure is to tell him sooner rather than later."  she said as my dad came through the front door.

"Tell who what?"  he asked, hanging his jacket up.

"Nothing.  Just something for school."  I said, quickly.

"How was work today, honey?"  said my mom, hoping to distract my dad.

It worked, "It was a very long day."  he said, falling into his favorite chair.

"Well, dinner is almost ready, so hopefully that'll make you feel better."  she said, going into the kitchen.

"So, how was decorating for the formal?"  my dad asked me turning on the t.v.

"It went great.  I think it's going to look fantastic."  I said, sitting casually on the couch.  

I was having a mini heart attack on the inside.

"That's great.  Do you think you and Andy will have a good time?"  he asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Well, I'm glad.  I honestly think he is the perfect boy for you."  said my dad.

Before I could answer, I heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it."  I said, getting up.

I walked over to the front door and opened it, only to see Kyle James and his mom standing there.  Kyle look terrified and his mom just looked angry.

"Hello Lily, I think I should probably speak to your parents."  she said, trying to keep a calm tone.

Uh oh.

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