The Diary

Lily's life isn't exactly perfect, but it's normal. Normal family, normal friends, and normal boyfriend. But that soon all changes when Lily's boyfriend Andy breaks up with her. The break up sends her right into the arms of the cool and popular Kyle James, but what starts as a one night stand turns into a pregnancy. Lily decides to make a diary for her unborn child sharing her struggles with being a pregnant teenager.


4. Chapter 4

"Where'd you go?  I thought you were just going to the bathroom?"  asked Abby.

"I did."  I said, grabbing a balloon to hang up.

"I saw you talking to Kyle, and you looked pretty upset."  she said.

"I'm fine."  I said.

"No, you're not.  You look like you've been crying, did something happen with Kyle?"

"If I tell you something, will you keep it a secret?"  I asked.

"Of course."  said Abby.

"I'm..Pregnant."  I whispered.

"What?!"  yelled Abby.

"Shh, you can't tell anyone."  I said, looking around to see if anyone heard.

"You have to tell your parents."  said Abby.

"I can't, at least not right now."  I said.

"What about Andy?  It's not his, is it?"  

"No, it's Kyle's."  I said.

"Are you going to tell Andy?"  she asked.

"I will, but I can't right now.  I have a little while."  I said.

"People will notice the signs."  said Abby.

"Maybe, but I doubt they will think I'm pregnant.  I mean, I'm not exactly the one you would usually expect to get pregnant."  I said.

"And yet, you are."  said Abby.

"Yeah, and I just want to keep it a secret for a little while.  When I'm ready to tell my parents and Andy, I will."

"I'm guessing Kyle knows?"  asked Abby.

"Yeah, he went with me to take the test."  I said.

"Where did you go to do it?'  asked Abby.

"Just the little store around the corner."  I said.

"You went there?"  gasps Abby.

"Yeah.  What's the problem?"  I asked.

"My aunt Cecilia works there."  said Abby.

"Maybe she didn't see us?"  I say, worried.

"You better hope not, because if she tells my mom, and she'll tell yours."  said Abby.

"I can't believe I went down there."  I said, upset with myself.

"Well, maybe she didn't see you."  said Abby, hopefully.

"Maybe not.  I don't remember seeing her in there, but I was so frantic, I didn't even think to look."

"Don't worry.  Even if she does tell your parents, they'll support you."  

"Maybe, but what about Andy?  I can't lose him."  I said.

"If he really loves you he'll stick behind you."

"You think so?"  I asked.

"Yeah, I do."  she said.


"I'm home!"  I yelled, as I walked through the door of my house.

"How was it?"  asked my mom from the kitchen.

"It was fine.  The gym looks great."  I said, hanging my jacket up.

"Nothing surprised you, today?"  she asked, coming into the living room.

Something wasn't right.  She didn't look anything like her usual cheerful self.

"No.  Why?"  I asked, getting nervous.

"I got a call from Abby's aunt today."  she said.

"Really?"  I asked, innocently.

"Knock off the crap and just tell me."  said my mom.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Abby's aunt saw you in the store buying a pregnancy test, so are you or not?"  she asked, getting angrier with every word.

"I am."  I said as quietly as I could.

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