The Diary

Lily's life isn't exactly perfect, but it's normal. Normal family, normal friends, and normal boyfriend. But that soon all changes when Lily's boyfriend Andy breaks up with her. The break up sends her right into the arms of the cool and popular Kyle James, but what starts as a one night stand turns into a pregnancy. Lily decides to make a diary for her unborn child sharing her struggles with being a pregnant teenager.


1. Chapter 1

"You are crazy."  I said, getting things out of my locker.

"It wasn't that big of a deal."  said Abby.

"I thought you were going to wait."  I said, shutting my locker.

"I don't know, I guess it just felt like the right time.  I really do love Scott."  she said, as we walked to first period.

"You've only been dating for six months."  I said.

"A girl just knows, Lily.  When are you and Andy gonna do it.  You've been dating for like a year, time to get busy."  she said, giggling.

"I don't know, I brought it up once, but he just changed the subject."  I said.

Andy and I had know each other our entire lives.  He is two years older than I am.  He has dark hair and blue eyes, so he's pretty normal looking, which is what I liked about him.  He is just normal like I am, with my dark blonde hair and hazel eyes.  Yeah sometimes I wore crazy clothes, but never that often.  It didn't bother me that most guys here found me boring, I liked being normal.

"Maybe you should talk to him again."  she suggested.

"Maybe."  I said.

"There are my two favorite freshmen."  said Andy, putting his arm around my shoulders and giving my lips a little peck.

"Oh so now I'm your favorite freshmen."  I said.

"You know you'll always be my number one."  he said.

"Good to know."  I said.

"I better go or I'll be late, but good luck on your geometry test today."  he said, walking away.

"How have you not slept with him yet?"  asked Abby, once Andy was gone.

"I've thought about it, but I don't think Andy wants to have sex with me."  I said.

"I'm sure he does."  said Abby.

"Do think he finds me boring?"  I asked, as we walked into geometry and sat down.

"Lil, I say this because I love you, yes you are boring as hell, but Andy seems to like that about you."  she said.

Abby was a bit more spunkier than I was, she always said you should live life to the fullest and never settle for less.  It was a wonder we were even friends, but in the end we're nothing without each other.

The final bell rang and I got up and sat in my assigned seat which was next to Kyle James.  Kyle's a nice enough guy, but he only dates within his group, which is the cool and popular group.  

"Better not cheat off me."  said Kyle, as the test was handed out.

"Yeah, because you are the first person I would cheat off of."  I said, jokingly.

"Good point."  he said and started doing his test.


"So there's something I want to talk to you about."  I said, sitting on Andy's bed.

His parents weren't home and we were doing homework.

"What do you need to talk to me about?"  he asked, turning around from his desk to look at me.

"Well, our relationship has been getting pretty serious lately."  I said, a little embarrassed.

"Yeah, what about it?"  he asked.

"Look, I was just thinking, maybe it's time to take the next step."  I said, not looking at him.

"You mean sex?"  he asked.

"Yeah, I do."  I said.

"Lily, I think we should take a break."  he said.

"What?"  I asked, dumbstruck.

"I think it's best if we break up."  he said.

"Why?"  I asked, tears in my eyes.

"Look, I'm not willing to have sex until I'm married."  he said.

"Since when?"  I asked.

"Since this summer when I went on that mission trip with my youth group.  I decided that the only way to stay close to my faith is to wait until marriage."

"That doesn't mean we have to break up."  I said, the tears falling.

"Yes it does, I can't give you what you want and I can't let myself be pressured by you."

"I'm not going to pressure you."  I said.

"I'm sorry, but you should leave."  he said.

I got up and grabbed my stuff and walked out.  I did not want to go home and face my family, so I decided to walk down to the football field to clear my head.  The chilly April air gave me goosebumps as I walked.  I saw someone running around the track next to the football field when I got there.  As I got closer I saw it was Kyle.

"Hey, Lily!"  yelled Kyle, running toward me.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"  I asked, when he reached me.

"Just doing some laps.  Have you been crying?"  he asked, noticing how red and puffy my eyes were.

"Uh, yeah.  I was just coming here to clear my head."  I said.

"Mind if I join you.  I know exactly what will help you clear your head."  he said.

"Sure, and what is that?"  I asked.

"I'll be right back."  he said, leaving to go to his car.

I went to go sit on the football field and wait for him.  He came back carrying a bottle.

"Is that alcohol?"  I asked.

"Yeah.  I thought we could drink this and you could tell me what's wrong."  he said, handing me the bottle.

"Alright."  I said, taking a big gulp of it.  It burned going down my throat, but that didn't stop me from taking another huge gulp.

"So what happened?"  he asked, sitting next to me.

"My boyfriend just broke up with me."  I said, thinking of it made me take another drink.  I could already feel the alcohol kicking in.

"I'm so sorry, what happened?"  he asked, taking the bottle from me and taking a drink from it himself.

"He's decided that he didn't want to have sex until he was married."  I said, taking the bottle back.

"He broke up with you because of that?"  he asked, as I took another drink.

"I asked him about having sex and he told me that he didn't think that this relationship would work, because I wanted to have sex and he didn't."  

"I'm so sorry, that was kind of a dick move."  he said.

"Yeah, but I guess I understand.  It is a lot of pressure.  I just wish I knew all of this before I wasted an entire year on him."  I said.  Saying this just depressed me even more and I finished off the bottle.

"I should probably go."  I said, noticing how dark it's gotten.

"I can take you."  he said.

"No, that's ok."  I said, standing up and nearly falling back down.

He caught me before I could hit the ground.

"Whoops!"  I said, giggling.

"I get the feeling you don't drink very much."  he said, holding me.

"Never."  I said, still giggling.

"I can't let you go home like this."  he said.

"I'm fine."  I said, trying to walk but fell back into him.

Just then there was two things I was aware of.  One, Kyle had his arms around me and two his face was inches from mine.

Without thinking I lean in and kiss him.  After, I tried to pull back, but he keeps me there and we continue kissing until I notice him trying to get my shirt off.  My first instinct is to stop him, but I decide against it.  It's dark and nobody is around, so what's the worst that could happen?  

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