Beauty Queen

What do you do when your whole world is in ruins, and you only know one thing for definite: You are magic.

Aliayah Miron uses it to her advantage.


4. Talking

Aliayah's mum sighs, plucking the letter from my trembling hand. "I think you had better sit down."


Her dad gets them cups of tea and milk, and they sip them slowly as her mum begins to speak.


"We're not your real parents."


I jump back in shock, scraping back my chair as my eyes turn a rabid colour of red. "What?"


"Darlign, sit back down."


Her parents exchanged anaxious glances, as her father said, "Your real father ... He left your mother while she was still preganant with you. Your mother was killed by people - muggles I think the adoption agency said - who hated her kind. But we do still love you, darling. Never forget it."


I smile, reassured by his words. "Thanks. Now, can I get my magic stuff?"


They smile warmly. "Sure."

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