Beauty Queen

What do you do when your whole world is in ruins, and you only know one thing for definite: You are magic.

Aliayah Miron uses it to her advantage.


2. Letter

She woke up groggily, sighing to herself as she looked at the time on her alarm. Damnit she thought. She was going to be late for school!


Hurriedly washing and throwing on her uniform, Aliayah ran downstairs, skipping the steps and nearly flying over the banister in her haste.


"Mum?" she called to the silence. No reply. "Mum! Why aren't you up yet?"


A floorboard creaked upstairs, and Aliayah turned around, heart leaping into her mouth like it had won a gold medal for high jump. "Aliayah, why are you up so early?"


"Um, school, maybe?" Aaliyah stamped her foot.


"Darling, it's the Summer holidays."


"Oh." Mentally, Aliayah cursed herself, kicking the step and swinging herself up, just as the letter box clacked loudly, and she twisted around to see a single yellowing envelope. Frowning, Aliayah picked it up.


"Mum!" she yelled again. "There's a letter!" Looking at the writing, she continued, "And it's for me!"


A few moments later, Aliayah's mother appeared at the top of  the stairs. "What? Let's read it, then."


Aliayah'sheart stopped as she read it. "Mum," she whispered. "What's Hogwarts?"

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