High School Survival Guide

Hayes Grier your typical popualr boy and his over the top best friend Dani Gadson have seen it all ever since Middle school!

"Uhm Hayes what do we do if the teacher is coming towards us?" I asked panic looking at him and Hayes shuts his eyes

"The book says to ran away"


3. just chilling in the office

After the little run in with Mr. Lincoln Hayes and I ran into the only place the janitors closet who wasn't going look in there. I am right?

"You just had to do that prank dumb ass now my mom gonna kill me once i get home" I say laughing pushing him playfully

"Oh well then Dani it was a good prank i believe so! Plus he didn't catch us so we're good for now" 

Looking at all the stuff in the closet seeing a secret tunnel through the air vent, wow this school is packed and loaded haha! Hayes opened it up pushing me up into air vent thing. 

"Thanks Hayes"

We climbed through the air vent going over some classes, seeing Mr. Lincoln in his office on the phone getting all the stuff off him with the help from Ms. Kelli his helper.


"Honey this is so much hard work ya know.....getting all these kids into place."

Hold up wait a minute are they dating? Hayes threw me a smirk from behind me.

"Yes i know. After school we'll give you a warm relaxing bubble bath!"

Haha Mr. Lincoln takes bubble baths ahaahaha this man child! "Didn't know Mr. Lincoln did that haha so going on twitter"


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