A 1D Story: The Change

This is a 1D movella! Can contain sexuall content. Follow my friend Issa Angelson for her version of this same story! Its gonna be the same but in our different perspectives.


1. Chapter 1

Lisa's P.O.V

Me and my best friends where sittning at Starbucks. I had ordered a Mocha Cookie Crumble as I always do and we all sat down at a table with nine seats. We were having a great conversation about a cute guy my friend Elisabeth met at work when the Doors opened and 5 handsome guys came in. It was the famous boyband One Direction! Everyone where staring at them with there mouths wide open. Me and my friends as well. I've always liked Niall the most and when he's sight caught mine I closed my mouth. He gave me a quick smile and continued walking to the disk. Everyone watched them take there orders and when they walked past our table Niall tripped and fell with his order falling to the floor. My friend Isabelle was sitting next to me and she softly pushed my arm and i understood she wanted me to help him. I've told her I liked Niall before so that's probably why. So I went to help him.

- Are you ok? I asked sitting beside him on the floor.

- Yes, thank you. He said without even looking at me. When he turned his head up and looked at me he looked ashamed.

- Oh sorry, how rude of me. My name is Nai...

- I know who you are. I said smiling at him.

- Right. He said with that priceless smile I've only seen in the magazines.

We talked for about 3 minutes when I realised we where still sitting on the floor with everyone's eyes at us.

- Uhm...Do you and your friends wanna join us? I asked blushing.

- Sure, why not. I'm just gonna go tell them. He said nicely.

He walked over to his friends who had found a table while waiting for Niall to finish his conversation with me.

I went and told the girls that One Direction was coming over to join us but they where still chocked that I went to talk to Niall Horan at all.

When the guys came over i interduced Niall to the girls. I was really hoping for him to make a good impression cause I kinda liked him. Niall then interduced his friends from 1D to us but we did already know who they where ofcourse!

- Oh we are one chair short, i'll get one more! I said turning around to get one more when Niall grabbed my arm.

- It's ok you can sit in my lap...... If you want to ofcours? He said while he started to blush.

- Ok! I said blushing even more.

We all became really close while having our long and interesting conversation! My dearest friend Isabelle was really clicking with Zayn, the hottie according to the magazines! I really liked Niall and i was hoping to meet him again soon!

Before leaving to go separate ways we all switched numbers. And we left Starbucks with some new friends. Some of them maybe even more.

I really hope you guys liked this Chapter! Tell me what you think in the comments and don't forget to follow my friend Issa Angelson for her version of this same story! Love yah!

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