What Happened to us?

Becky and Louis were once close friends, one day he slowly starts drifting away from her.
What’s happened to them?


2. Chapter 2


I watched as Becky fell to her knees and scream at the sky, she'd lost Louis to Harry and us boys, she had tears flooding her eyes, she looked really upset, I walked over and knelt beside her, ''Are you okay?'' I asked, I cursed myself in my head for asking such a stupid question but she answered it anyway, ''I will be'' she said, I pulled her into me and hugged her tight, I love cuddles... ''How about me and you start hanging out instead of you and Louis?'' I asked, I pulled her up, ''Come on, lets go eat'' I said, we started walking off, we walked into Pizza Hut and took our seats, we ordered 3 large pizzas, Liam and Mercedes shared and me and Becky had one to ourselves, we both ate, Becky looked at me, ''I have an amazing idea'' she said, I looked down at her, me and her were quite close, not as close as her and Louis but really close, ''What?'' I asked, ''Let's have...'' she started, earning a glance off Mercedes, ''A MOVIE MARATHON!'' she yelled, everyone in Pizza Hut looked at her, ''Yes!!'' Mercedes yelled, Becky stood up and grabbed my hand, she ten dragged me out of Pizza Hut and started dragging me down the street to the house I'd been to so many times before, Mercedes and Liam followed, Becky ran upstairs with me, Liam and Mercedes following close behind, she threw a handful of movies on the bed and started rummaging through them, ''What shall we watch?'' she asked, ''How about Frozen?'' I asked, Mercedes gave me a glare that I didn't like, Becky saw and she started laughing, ''Frozen it is'' she said, dancing with it right infront of Mercedes' face, I couldn't help but let out a giggle.

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