What Happened to us?

Becky and Louis were once close friends, one day he slowly starts drifting away from her.
What’s happened to them?


1. Chapter 1


''Louis!'' I screamed as he walked away with his new group of friends, I glanced to my side to see my other friend, Mercedes, stood next to me, she was staring at Liams butt as he walked off, I watched Louis, that's it, my life was over, I fell to my knees and screamed at the sky, he'd got into a band called One Direction, he'd become best friends with Harry, I glanced over and saw Niall looking at me, he stopped and looked at Louis, he then walked back and over to me, he knelt beside me, ''Are you okay?'' he asked, I looked at him and nodded, ''I will be'' I whispered, he pulled me into him and hugged me tight, ''How about me and you start hanging out instead of you and Louis?'' he asked, at this I smiled, he'd never replace Louis but he was the next best thing, I glanced up and saw Liam and Mercedes with their tongues down eachothers throats, I gagged, they'd been close since day one, Mercedes loves him, I gkanced up at Niall and stood up, ''Come on, let's go eat'' he said and we started walking off, Zayn stayed with Louis and Harry and Mercy and Liam came with us.

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