What's gonna happen?

When Becky moves to Melbourne, she never dreamed she'd meet her most favourite band ever, THE JANOSKIANS, her and her best friend Mercedes move to Melbourne and finally meet the guys that helped them out through all the hard times, Becky's dad beating her, Mercedes' ex boyfriend beating her, you'll find alot out during the story, Becky and Mercedes have travelled a long way from home, will they ever go back? Or will they live their new lives in Australia? What's gonna happen?


5. Chapter 5


Becky looked around at everyone, she then simply smiled, ''Luke!'' she yelled turning to him and causing him to jump, ''Jesus! What?'' he yelled, she smiled innocently, ''Can you go get me another happy meal?'' she asked, Mercedes looked ar me with a smile, ''I think I'm getting the old Becky back'' she whispered, I smiled, ''Yeah'' I replied, she looked at me and I looked at her, I leant down as she leant up, before I knew it, my lips were touching hers and they were moving in sync, she smiled against my lips, ''Ugh!!'' we heard from across from us, we lifted our heads to see a smiling Becky, I smiled, ''Mercedes... Will you be my girl?'' I asked, her smile grew bigger, ''Yes, Yes, Omigod Yes... It's all I've ever wanted'' she replied, I smiled and hugged her tight, Luke came back over with a happy meal and what looked like a coke for Becky, she took one quick glance at the coke, she then looked at Mercedes and smirked an evil smirk, she then turned to Luke, ''Luke!! What the fuck?!?!?'' she yelled, ''What?'' he asked, ''I asked for a fucking strawberry milkshake... You've got me a fucking coke!!'' she yelled, Luke looked over at me for support, I looked at him and smiled, he then looked at Becky, ''Coke is what you asked for, isn't it?'' he asked, she looked at him, ''NO!!!'' she yelled, he looked at her and put his head down, ''I'm sorry'' he said and sat down, Becky smiled, ''Babe... I did want coke'' Becky said flinging her arms around Lukes shoulders, he laid his head against hers, ''I love you'' she whispered, ''I love you too'' Luke replied, Becky smiled and lifted her head and started eating her nuggets, ''Becky... That was mean'' Mercedes said, Becky smiled, ''I am mean'' Becky replied.

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