What's gonna happen?

When Becky moves to Melbourne, she never dreamed she'd meet her most favourite band ever, THE JANOSKIANS, her and her best friend Mercedes move to Melbourne and finally meet the guys that helped them out through all the hard times, Becky's dad beating her, Mercedes' ex boyfriend beating her, you'll find alot out during the story, Becky and Mercedes have travelled a long way from home, will they ever go back? Or will they live their new lives in Australia? What's gonna happen?


2. Chapter 2

''Well?'' Mercedes asked, ''Umm... I have a curfew'' I replied, at this James started laughing, ''Oh... She's a badass'' he said through his laughter, I looked at him and did a slight smile, ''A curfew off your dad?'' Mercedes asked, I banged my head on the wall, ''No... Off the police'' I said, ''WHAT?!?'' they all yelled in shock, I nodded, ''It was the first and last time I got drunk, I was out with someone and me and him got drunk and we were out past midnight, the cops came because we were been disruptive and really noisy in the streets, and the cops came out and gave us both the curfew'' I replied glancing at Mercedes, ''Who was you with?'' she asked outta curiosity, ''umm... Your ex'' I replied quietly so that she didn't hear, ''What?'' she asked, ''Your-umm- your ex'' I replied louder this time, she sat shocked, ''Guys, let's just go eat'' Beau said, I nodded and started to stand up, Mercedes stood up, ''You didn't do anything with him, did you?'' she asked, ''HELL NO!!'' I yelled causing all of the Janoskians to jump, we walked out of the room and I checked my phone, it was 10pm, I then put my phone in my pocket and pretended I hadn't seen the text from my dad, me and Mercedes walked with the boys to McDonalds... Not the most classiest place, I know, but that's where we went, I ordered a chicken nugget happy meal, I didn't care wether I was 17, I wanted a happy meal, Mercedes ordered a Big Mac with fries, Beau was made to order as he was the oldest, he walked over to the counter, Skip watched him, ''Right, now that he's gone'' he said turning to us, ''Do you girls wanna stay with us for a bit?'' he asked, me and Mercedes looked at eachother, ''YEAH!'' Mercedes yelled, ''I-I-I can't'' I replied, all faces dropped, ''Why not?'' Luke asked looking a little heartbroken, ''My dad would kill me'' I replied, ''You're 17, right?'' James asked, I nodded, ''Yeah'' I said, ''Your dad doesn't control you Bex'' he said, I let out a sigh, ''Okay'' I said, I then glanced down at my phone, the text terrified me, ''Umm... When we moving in?'' I asked quickly, ''Tomorrow'' Skip said, I looked at him, ''Fuck that'' I said, ''you can't move in any earlier, we still need to talk to Beau about it'' he said, I whipped my head up and gave him a glare that I knew scared everyone I know, ''Umm... You can move in tonight'' he said looking around.

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