The Children of the Future

The Seven,Nico,Reyna and Calypso meet their children after the war! Their children get trapped in the past with their younger parent's selves. Will they get back to their own time?


2. The Future?!


Okay so I'm making the names of the children up. So this pov is of one of the children and what happened before they were transported. They are all 5,8,11,15,16 and 17 okay?

Coral's pov

I silently closed my eyes in relaxation as I lay against my boyfriend, Calem. A soft breeze blew against me and it seemed peaceful. Until my other friends, Blaze, Julie and my own brother, Danny, ran through with fits of laughter and Blaze's hands lit on fire. He had inherited the powers from his dad. Julie stifled laughs as Danny grabbed her from behind and tackled her. I sighed,watching them play. Real mature. I thought with a smirk. Riley shadow travel from behind a tree,and walked over and sat down beside me and Calem. "Hi guys" she mumbled quietly. I grinned at her. Her brown hair gleamed in the sun as it blew out of her face. She sighed and began braiding her hair, like her mother always has it. Serenity(Calem's sister), George(Julie's brother)and Veronica and Jennifer(The twins, Blaze's sisters) were all still sleeping, as they were younger.The slightest hints of dawn sparkled in the sky. The older kids had woken up earlier to see the sunrise. Camp Half Blood looked beautiful. I lightly kissed Calem on the cheek and gazed up at the sky. "I'm glad I have such great friends." Calem murmered in my ear "And the best girlfriend ever" I smiled playfully. "And why is that?" "Because she is beautiful, smart and kind." I closed my eyes and felt drowsy. All around me, my friends were collapsing and I felt like screaming, but my voice melted in the breeze.

Calem's pov

I woke up to find myself in the infirmary I forced myself to sit up and looked around. All my friends were taking up the beds and Apollo kids rushed around in a hurry. "Oh you're awake!" A voice said and a tall muscular guy with tanned skin and blond hair came up. "Can you give me your name?" He asked. " Yours first" I demanded. "Will Solace" He said. "Calem Grace" He stared at me dumbfounded. "Uhh... I'll be right back!" He ran out of the infirmary and I felt confused. What did I do? I thought and waited.

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