The Children of the Future

The Seven,Nico,Reyna and Calypso meet their children after the war! Their children get trapped in the past with their younger parent's selves. Will they get back to their own time?


1. Prologue


Percy's pov.

I was at the after party with all my friends. We were all hoping Leo would make it back with Calypso. Jason and Piper seemed the most worried, as the three had been the 'Lost Trio' and were really close. It felt empty without Leo and his jokes, Leo and his elfish smile. It made it awkward and tense. We all were about to head back to our cabins to sleep, when a bronze dot was just visible over the horizon, came into view. Everyone came over to see what's wrong. I shouldered my way through the crowd to the front with my friends at my heels. "No... It can't be him... He died!" Was heard and I just rolled my eyes. There was a rumour that Leo was dead but Leo can survive fire... He should be fine. Plus we all had to try to not think of that. It was too hard to think about that and not start crying. Like eating marshmallows and being angry. Or reading The Fault in our Stars without crying, if not then feeling sad. The bronze dot had become more clear and you could see two small heads and large bronze wings. My eyes widened at the sight. Then, finally, the bronze dot crashed onto the sandy beach before us and Annabeth,Hazel,Frank,Jason,Piper and I ran through and tackled poor Leo. "Guys... Lungs... Need air... Sort of mandatory..." Leo groaned as we squeezed him. We let go and noticed a girl with cinnamon coloured hair and brown eyes. She wore a Greek tunic, which made her look out of place in these teens in jeans and shirts. "Oh guys this is Calypso!" Leo introduced us all. "Welcome to Camp Half Blood!" Was shouted as cheers broke into the cold night air.

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