The Children of the Future

The Seven,Nico,Reyna and Calypso meet their children after the war! Their children get trapped in the past with their younger parent's selves. Will they get back to their own time?


3. Meeting them.


Ok I thought I should be more clear about the ages so here they are:









Veronica and Jennifer-5

And the relations(sisters and brothers and their parents):

Coral and Danny-Percy and Annabeth's children

Calem and Serenity-Jason and Piper's children

Blaze,Veronica and Jennifer- Leo and Claypso's children

Julie and George-Hazel and Frank's children

Riley-Reyna and Nico's child

And finally the couples:

Coral and Calem

Danny and Riley(Danny is crushing on Riley)

Blaze and Julie(Blaze is crushing on Julie)

The rest of them are too young to date. You guys can go ahead and create ship names for them if you want and tell me so I can use it. You will get a dedication if you do it. You may also create a new couple or create a love triangle. Just, leave the younger kids until they're about... 11? Dunno I want it to be an appropriate age. Plus some kids started dating at my school when they were 10(they're still dating) so I guess 11 should be okay... Derp.READ ON!!!!!

Piper's pov

I was sitting, resting my head against Jason's shoulder in the Zeus cabin when Will burst into the room. "You guys should come see something..." I did not like how he trailed off at all. Jason stood and helped my up and we all ran towards the infirmary. What happened this time? I wondered as I ran. We entered the infirmary to find it full of some teens and small children. I gave Will a quizzical look when he led us to a boy with brown choppy hair like mine(CREEPY) and electric blue eyes identical to Jason's(EVEN MORE CREEPY. FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY's CREEPY) The poor boy looked rather confused. "Ok, you guys this is... Calem Grace." Will said slowly. I felt shocked. I gave Jason a look. "Don't look at me! My mom is dead! Plus we don't have any children and Thalia is a hunter!" Jason exasperated. "I know who my parents are but apparently my parents don't know me..." 'Calem' inquired. "I think you need to get the rest of the seven." Will glanced at the other beds. His eyes lay on a teenage girl with long black hair like Reyna's in a braid and black obsidian eyes, which looked a lot like Nico's. " Nico and Reyna too." "I'll get the boys!" Jason said and dashed out. I ran out in search of the girls.

~Time skip to when they get everyone else and the kids are all awake~

We all walked outside and sat in a circle on the grass. "Alright!" I said. " I think the.. New kids should introduce themselves." "I'll go first." A girl that had curly,messy, blonde hair with sea green eyes,like Percy's, began. "My name is Coral Jackson, daughter of Annabeth Jackson and Percy Jackson." She said and Percy's eyes widened. "I get married and have a kid with Annabeth!" He grinned widely. "Two... actually. " the boy on Coral's right spoke up. He had the same hair and eyes but the boy version and his hair was a lot more straight. "My name is Danny Jackson and I am son of Annabeth Jackson and Percy Jackson." By now Percy looked like Christmas had come early. "Lets just go around the circle." Hazel and Reyna suggested at the same time. Next was 'Calem'. "I'm Calem Grace and I am son of Jason and Piper Grace." "My name is Serenity Grace and I'm Jason and Piper Grace's daughter!" A girl with short choppy brown hair and electric blue eyes introduced herself cheerfully. "My name is Riley Di Angelo and my parents are Nico and Reyna Di Angelo." Riley had long black hair and obsidian eyes. Her hair was in a long braid, just like her mother, who sat close beside Nico with a look of pride. "I'm Blaze Valdez and I'm son of Leo and Calypso Valdez! Oh and the ones sleeping beside me are my little sisters Veronica and Jennifer. They are twins!" Blaze looked like mini Leo and Veronica and Jennifer both had curly cinnamon blond hair and all I could see of their eyes were their eyelids but I guessed they had brown eyes, as Calypso and Leo both have brown eyes. "My name is Julie and this is George and we are Hazel and Frank Zhang's two kids!" Julie beamed and George gave us all a toothy grin. Julie had black hair and Hazel's gold eyes and a Chinese complexion. George had dark curly hair and really dark brown eyes. "It's very nice to meet you all!" I said and glanced at them all. " But why are you here? Should you not be in the future. I tossed in a hint of charmspeak to make sure I would get the truth. " We... Don't know." Coral said stiffly. I was confused. So they had no idea how they got here, but they are here? "We need to find out what happened." Annabeth said and we all nodded.

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