Dont Forget Me



1. Never Forget

"Dont ever forget me okay?" "Okay" he hugged then said our good byes i almost forgot the present mum couldn't catch me security was chasing me Luke ran towards me while we hugged "i almost forgot we are seven and you will be back for my eight birthday party?" I said handing him a bracelet i bought a charm bracelet it had a flame and a penguin. To represent me i had a penguin and a soccer ball to represent him. He just nodded "bye Ember penguin buddies for life?" "Penguin buddies for life." He had to go i was pulled away "BYE LUKE DONT FORGET ME" "I WONT" with that i went home i stared at my penguin it had his initials and his had mine i tucked his penguin that he bought me under my pillow and whispered into it "bye Luke don't forget me ever i wont forget you i miss you already" with that i drifted off to sleep

*flash forward to october 25*

I only had one other friend her name was ashley Ash was the only person that came because i invited Luke and her i waited by the door when my mum told me to eat cake i was forced "okay honey make a wish" "i wish that Luke would be here and remember me like he promised" with that i blew out the candles an went back to the door.

*eight years later*

Lets see let us see "ash which one should i get?" "That one" she pointed at a small flame "Ashley your a genious" "you are too" we pushed up our glasses at the same time. I have a whole bunch of charms but i felt like it was time to get a new one. There is a new kid coming to our school tomorrow. "Whats the gender and name?" She just shrugged. We paid then went walking on our journey home we lived next door such a connivence. "Lets play minecraft!!" She looked at the time "sorry but i have to sleep its late night" we hugged "night" i walked in the house went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed i saw something peaking out under my bed i was so scared i hit it with a pillow i turned out to be a stuffed animal with a necklace that said never forget i wonder why? I just set my alarm and wait for sleep to come upon me. BEEP BEEP BEEP god alarm clocks are meant to be thrown across the room. I got up and decided to wear the necklace i got dressed and went down stairs with minuets to spare i looked at the picture frames one was me when i was like six it looked cut off though i gently took it out and unfolded it i dropped the picture never forget means to never forget my friend best to be exact. He left the penguin the charm the necklace i all makes sence. I shook the memory out of my mind. I walked out side and waited for Ashley she finally walked out side we walked and talked about life. We were going to go to the office no one was here so whats the rush i looked up at the same time as the boy three yards away. Its him. It cant be. No he cant be here. Why is this happening. He broke down on his knees i just held onto the wall to keep balance "it cant be you not now" he said "why? Why did you do this?" I asked serious "Em i didn't mean to" "sure like everyday never forget remember that the necklace the bracelet the penguin remember that?" I took the necklace from my shirt and pulled out my bracket "i wanted to come back please just please" "its fine i forgive you just come on you don't want to be alone on your first day" "actual-" "LUKE" two boys came running down the hall "never min i will let you be see you in eight years" i grabbed Ashley's arm but she stayed. "Your birthday" she looked at me "all your wishes on stars when ever you could that penguin you wouldn't let it out of your sight your mum finally separated you from it." I just nodded "what is that about" i pointed at luke "ask him" then girl ran up to us asking the boys for autographs an pictures? I was confused i heard "why are you with this freak?" "Why is she here" "what does she think shes doing?" I just walked away with ashley then three boys came running to us Luke with the two from earlier "well i kind of came here with my band" i scoffed "no we are in a band" "thats not what i am talking about you left me to leave i get it you join a ban i get it but did i ever cross your mind once have you told them about me?" The boys shook there heads "thats right eight years".


We had made up he showed me his bracelet and necklace. We where currently at Luke's house playing a game to one person asks a question and we have to answer "would you rather have a penguin or a unicorn?" Michael asked "penguin" ashley, Luke, and i said at the same time Calum and Michael picked unicorn.losers. "What did tou ask for for your ninth birthday?" "Britney spears" really Michael "a Penguin" Luke said "Steve from minecraft" "i wanted a motorcycle" Calum said typical boy "what about you?" michael asked "well from my eight birthday all the way untill i was fourteen i would sit by the door waiting for my Best friend to come when my mum forced me to blow out the candles i would wish for my best friend to come and for him not to forget me" i said teary eyed "who's your best friend?" Seriously Calum "me" Luke whispered "and all i wished for was things i wanted i didn't once talk about you or evan think about you" tears were now threatening to fall "can we stop this game?" Michael just hugged me "everything is fine now"

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