Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.



"What the f*ck?" Calum says coming into the room with no t shirt on. I can't say I wasn't kinda attracted by that but I still love luke.

"luke, is a l-lumber luke!!"i start laughing again

"well, I'm a kiwi calum!!" He SCEAMS hugging me

"I'm a mik-achu!" Mike screams standing up

we look at Ashton 

"What."he says really sleepy

I start laughing again

"Hey guys, can I try to do a cover if wrapped around ur finger? I am kinda sorta totally obsessed with that song lately." I say looking down 

"HELL YEAH!!"they scream

Once I finished, I posted it on YouTube 

they linked it on twitter and I got 700 views In minuets. WOAH

"thanks guys!"I say

"welcome!" They all say

"You all know about my powers now, right?" I ask

"yeah"they say

"I have been working on some cool shit, can we go to the forest so I can show you?"i ask

"I will drive!" Ash says jumping up

"To narnia!!!" michael and calum scream.

when we are there we go deep into the woods. I use my knife to mark the trees as we go so we don't get lost.

"alright stand back!"I said

I start focusing. I close my eyes. I feel the power start to give me energy. I open my eyes. I am levitating rocks, sticks, and leaves. My necklace starts to float higher of my chest and so does my hair. I drop the items I am


I start shooting gold mist from my hands. I drop it on the ground and yellow roses start to grow. 

I finish and go back to the boy who seem to be catching flies with there mouths.

"look what I have created. I help nature.

I might be weird. But I'm not evil."

i say a little out of breath.

"that's AMAZING!!!" They All start screaming and cheering me on. "but I still have to deal with threats once in a while. Mike me and u have always gone to the same school. Even when u were on tour u played it as u had to help ur grand parents. The michael clifford from our school was left when he was fifteen with luke hemmings calum hood and

Ashton Irwin . U were all replaced by Lucas Robert Calum Thomas Michael Gordan and Ashton Fletcher. Mikey was my best friend. And I saved him From cutting to deep. Ashton got mugged and beat and I found him. He was bleeding so I healed him. And Calum, he was getting beaten by some ass holes and I healed him. Luke, I showed him last night. It was the same case I had with Michael. But, no matter what, I will always love u guys. Because WERE WEIRD AND WERE PROUND!!" I scream the last part. The laugh a bit at the end. 

"Let's go back home "Luke says

"how about we take the long way home?" I say wiggling my eyebrows 

they all crack up. Luke just shakes his head while laughing.

"oh and Calum" I say with a smirk

"yeah ?"he says

"they all say u are Asian,"I say getting down on one knee showing him a a kiwi like I'm proposing with it,"but I always I knew, you were kiwi." I say 

he looks at me smiling so big. Michael is laughing his ass off, Luke is to and Ashton is clapping me on.


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