Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


6. Uhh okay

What did he say? 

I look him dead in the eyes.

Happiness,excitement, hope. 

And now my thoughts became a poem.

"Of coarse" I say and hug him 

after the hug he puts his thumb and index finger on my chin, and kisses me.


"Can we go now?"I ask. He nods.

we end up going to nandos(I have tried it it's awesome)

when we left we told the boys we had to run some errands. But, when we were drinking our milk shakes, we heard people yelling at the door. Oh no it's them. I tap Luke and point at them. 

"I got an idea follow me." Luke whispers 

we go to the girls bath room and escape through the window.

(I guess he is lame bond)

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