Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


8. SH*T

"Bella, um can I show u my Pokemon cards?" Michael asks.

I look at Luke. He nods

"ok mike-achu" I say 

He smiles

*ps this hoes to the song 'what the hell' by Avrill Levine*

••••••••••in mikes room•••••••••••••••

"so where's ur pokèmon collection?" I stutter as mikey walked really close to me and I end up with my back on the wall.

"this ain't about the dumb pokèmon cards Bella."he says with a smirk on his face 

before I can do any thing

he kisses me.

like REALLY kiss me. And I. Kiss back

we stop 


"he won't know. Listen I feel really bad about the kissbut I have had a crush on u sense third grade." He says. Then he whispers " I remember when u saved me. When I cut myself to much and to deep. I know ur the daughter of Apollo, but if u want, no one else will know. I, WE, love u to much to let u go."

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