Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


50. NOOO

"JUSTIN!!!" I scream

"Yeah bells it's me, are u ok?"he asks "I can't get over the boys, I miss them!" I say hugging him. "Hey I have a surprise for u, can u meet me in the living room, get dressed first ok?" He says smiling. I nod. I put on one of Mikey's shirts that I took and a braclet that Luke gave me, a hair bow cal gave me, and a black pair of skinny jeans ash got me. Then I slip on black vans and walk out, make up still stained on my face. Justin take a bandana and puts it over my eyes, he whispers it a surprise. When he untied it, I couldn't believe what I saw!"MIKEY!!!!!!" I scream "BELLS" he screamed back. I run and jump on him and kiss him. He kisses back and hugs me. He puts me down and I run to ash, I hug him and thank him for trying to help me, then cal. I just hug him, there is nothing to say. Then Luke, "Bella we came here when u were sleeping, I tried to Apollo- gise, did u here it?" He asked I nod remembering the dream, I hug him and say I forgive u and that I still love him as a friend. He nods and looks at the ground. I walk back to mikey and kiss him. "Justin, you wouldn't be mad if I went back with them, right?" I ask "of course not, Bells, be happy!" He says I nod and hug him good bye. As we walk out the door Calum picks me up and walks me bridal style to the car, and once I'm in he hugs me tight, "the boys are getting ur stuff," he says,"Bella I  really missed you, I'm so glad your back" he says " I'm glad I'm back to, but let's just get settled and we can play Fifa when we get home, k?" I ask smiling. He nods and sits next to me. "I wrote a song for u guys, can I play it when we get home?" I ask cal. He nods excitedly and says, "we want to hear you sing," quoting the first day we met. Then the boys come back with all my stuff, not that much, and we go home.Mike sits on the other side of me,ash drives and Luke sits with ash, "I really want every thing to be okay, with all of us, I have a surprise for you guys when we get home, so yeah." I say looking down. They all get excited and keep asking what it is except cal, he just smiles. When we get home the boys put all my things away while Calum helps me set up. I am sitting on a stool with an acoustic  guitar. They all come running in and they sit on the ground,

' I couldn't believe my eyes, when you looked in mine, you saved me from a life time of hatred, you always picked me up when I fell down , and made sure I never hit the ground, now it's my chance to tell you, I love you, and I need you every single day, you are the air I need to breath, you are every thing I could have ever dreamed of, '(@ the Australian rejects) I finish the song and say "I'm still working on it," but they all say it's great, I thank them and put my guitar away, and I leave to go to my room and cal follows.  When we get to my room he sings a song for me " you call me up, it's like broken record, saying that your heart hurts. That you never get over him getting over you(you know the rest ) when cal finishes, he looks at me with a smile, "thank you cal," I say "I loved it" then mike walks in, "I have a song for you too." (Wrapped around your finger) "THAT Was GREAT!" I scream and hug him then he leaves and ash walks in, " I also have a song!" (Voodoo doll) I smile and thank him," last but not least"I say then Luke walks in the room dramatically"MEEEE!!!" He yells, I giggle as he plays the only reason. " thanks Luke." I say . I look at the clock 6:00 pm!? Wtf "guys lets play some Fifa before bed ?!" I ask they all scream and we run to the basement.

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