Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


55. Luke and I

Luke picks me up and spins me around the room. "I love you I love you I love you!" He says kissing me all over my face. I giggle " I I love you to cal." I say. "Cal?" Luke says jealousy spreading all over his body "Luke I I didn't mean it, it's just he always hugs me." "No Bella you like him it's clear you prefer him." "WHY WONT YOU LOVE ME!!" He yells in my face. His hair is like his fetus hair. He shoves me up against the wall "I WOULD DO ANYTHING JUST TI GET YOU TO LOVE ME!BUT YOU JUST WONT!" He screams in my face holding my hands above my head "I WILL SHOW YOU WHY YOU SHOULD!" He yells and starts kissing me roughly "Can cal do this?!" He asks kissing down my neck. "Luke, Luke calm down!" I say trying to push him off but he is to strong. "NOT UNTIL U LOVE ME AGAIN!" He screams. He starts to touch me in places he shouldn't and I scream out "HELP!" He looks up and smirks about to say something but cal brakes the door open and tackles him. "LUKE STOP SHES HAD ENOUGH" he says about to punch Luke. " Cal don't he he doesn't need this, none of you need this, I'm tearing you all apart. I'm gonna go to my room wake me up tommorow morning." I say they try to follow but mike stops them. "

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