Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


57. I can't do it any more

Mikes POV 

I take one last look at Bella. I smile. She lite up my world. But now it's at its darkest Time. I look at the pills in my hand and throw them in my mouth. Then Bella jumps up and grabs me , forces me to cough them all up . "Mikey why!" She asks with tears and concern. "Bella, I have some secrets and after you find out, you will want nothing to do with me, I can't be without you and I doubt that this would end it for me," i say "what do you mean mikey?" Bella asks. I look and find a blade cut myself with it, and watch it form back to skin no blood at all. She just stares. "Who did this to you?" She asks hugging me tightly.

Bella's POV

I Look At him with a new expression I am scared but loving to him, I'm not scared of him, I'm scared for him. " you should go talk to Luke about what you know say it's time to tell."

I run to Luke's room and barge in the door. "ITS TIME TO TELL, I KNOW MIKEYS SECRET,"I yell gasping for air.he turns to me his eyes now fully red. "Yeah we're vamp- well you know, are you gonna leave us?"he asked. I run up and hug him, "I will never leave you as long as for as long as I live." "Thank u but that's the thing, you won't always be here with us. Unless you- never mind." He says "cal and ash are wolves." He mumbles. "REALLY THATS SO COOL, but why do you let them on the couch?" I ask jokingly "say that to them I dare you, like say how is flee season. They are in the basement, it will scare their tales off!" I run down to the basement and yell "HOWS FLEE SEASON!" They drop their controllers and look at me. "WHAT!" They yell. "It's fine I know about u guys Luke and Michael, I think it's kinda cool." I say "really!" "Of course!" Then cal stands and says " but to answer your question, really bad!" I laugh. I guess this is a start of a new story.........


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