Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


64. Escape with a little help

i am such a bad author I'm sorry here is a new chapter. (a/n)

 Bella's P.O.V

I honestly can't answer that. I don't know why. This is what You think is going on , Oh look at her she is so amazing its not fair! every things perfect! HAS ANY OF THIS BOOK SEEMED OK TO YOU????!!!?!?!?!? no. Its really not. But this is my life so I have to live it don't I? These boys are every thing to me and I can't let them down. ever. I haven't told anyone this ever But i know about this thing that luke can do, he can talk through his head. He calls it "the little voices?" and i have been teaching him about it, or at least that's what i thought was going on, I don't know any more. lu ke are you there? i ask waiting for a response. I really hope Luke can hear me, because that would be perfect for the both of us. bella is that you? Are you okay? Do you have a plan to get us out of here yet? he Asks. That's the Caring Luke I know. We have to escape this bitch ( *cough cough* maybe arzalya? we will see) Yep. Yeah, And yes, my sisters are coming, Scarlett and Skylynn. Scar has blue hair, blue eyes, likes to wear converse and white t-shirts./ (-;\ Skylynn on the other hand, she has brown hair with blue tips, bright blue eyes is a shortie like me, loves halestorm, and the color black.She is also 18.       That's all the truth, Skylynn is one of my camp sisters and we were really close, so is Scar.i hear the little Jingle of there backpacks. They're here! they start using their powers and make a hole in the wall and in the boys. Skylynn helps we out of the cuffs and we go and help Scar with the boys. is that- "LUKE?!" i ask above a whisper. We cant get caught. We get their cuffs off too and me and the girls Light travel them back to our flat, in the safety room. I look at all the boys, most of them have a few minor cuts and bruises, but Luke, looks like he just got beck from battle! Tecnicly he did. " Luke why did she hurt you so bad why you?" i ask crying a little. "Because she kept trying to kill you and i was not going to let that happen, ever. so i would fight her. Bad. Idea." He says as Skylynn starts giving him stitches and wrapping his cuts up. Skylynn was the junior doctor so she handles the big stuff. Scar and i help Mikey, Cal , And Ash. Oh, yeah i forgot to tell you, Skylynn has a crush on mikey. It might not seem obvious but if u were seeing how much she was staring at him. And Scar LOVES Calum,we actually talked about them all the time. Like 24/7.Thats how we became such good friends / sisters. Once we get them all fixed up, its on to the next part of business, How do we survive?

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