Falling hard

You know that feeling you have when you meet that one person. Well Bella is having it. Only it's not just for one. It's for......(drumroll for dramatic effect) Muke.


45. All over again

i wake up in Ashton's room. I can't do this any more. I feel like I'm ruining there friendship . So I write a note,


I am going to be gone for a while. I am just done with everything and I don't wanna ruin your friendship, I am going to live with my friend Justin, I'm pretty sure you will know who it is.

With love,


I stick it on my room door pack up and jump out my window, landing perfectly on the ground. Then I text Justin and tell him that I am leaving. We haven't seen each other since 2009 when he first got famous. The Justin I'm talking about is Justin Bieber, we dated in the 5th grade but it was to weird for us so we just stayed friends. He has know about my Fame and wants to work  me.So that's good. 

While I'm walking threw the woods to get to his house, I trip and fall. When I look up Justin is right there, 

"Bella I came to find you, are you okay?" He asks worried . I just nod because he is just... I don't know. But then I here them

"Bella!" "Bella it wasn't real!" "Bella it was my fault!" "Please don't go!" They Scream. The boys

"Justin what do we do?" I ask. He takes 

My hand and leads me to a dirt road where he parked his motorcycle. 

"Come on!" He says throwing the helmet to me. I strap it on and jump on the back. He starts the bike and as we go, I see the boys run out of the woods screaming and calling out for me. I think. I made it worse. 

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