Dragon Girl

Gaara save's a strange girl named Becca to find out that she's a Jinchuriki god. Every time he looks at her he finds himself feeling something he's never felt before. Together they face a enemy that will go through lengths to destroy the Jinchuriki god, to kill Becca.


2. Chapter 2

I was sitting on a couch inside the man's humble abode, and that was when I remembered something. He said he was the Kazekage of this village. I have never met a Kazekage before, let alone anyone that helped me escape. As I kept thinking to myself, I reacted to the door as it opened.

"Gaara, you can't just take someone and assume they're being held against their will!" said a man with purple face paint, a black outfit and something strange wrapped in bandages on his back. I looked at the man he was talking to, and noticed it was the Kazekage. But something was different: this time I could see his face. He had red hair, pale skin with a tattoo on his head just above his right  eyebrow. It was the kanji "Ai", meaning 'love'. I looked away when I noticed he was staring at me and just to make it worse, I was staring at him. With a very straight face, he walked up and sat beside me.

"Becca, my name is Gaara, and I am the Kazekage of this village. He gestured to the other man. "This is my brother, Kankuro."

"Hi," I said shyly.

"I was wondering, what's the tattoo on your back?" he asked, his voice monotone.

"On my back?" I repeated. I pulled my shirt off my back to show him, being careful to cover my front.

"Where did you get that dragon?" he asked after a minute of looking.

"Oh, um, I've had this tattoo for, well... ever since I was born. My dad had one too, he said it was a special mark," I replied, pulling my shirt back down.

"Was the man bidding you off your father?"

I hesitated for a bit, and looked down at my hands that were resting on my knees. "No,, he's not my father. That man was my owner."

"How long have you been, well, working with him?" Kankuro asked, now showing interest and concern.

"Ten years." They both looked dead shocked now. "When I was seven, something horrible happened to my village. All I really remember is my father coming into my room and trying to get me out of the burning village, but when I try to remember the rest, it's just blank. And then I see the snow and I see my owner's truck."

"That's where he got you, isn't it?" asked Gaara. I didn't reply, I just nodded.

"Well, you're safe now-" said Kankuro, but stopped as he saw me fall. "Becca, are you-"

"It's okay, Kankuro, she just collapsed from exhaustion," said Gaara, stroking my hair. Black dots covered my vision, and I struggled to stay awake.

"Do you think she's that powerful? I mean, the most powerful being in the world?" Kankuro asked. "Seriously?"

Gaara looked at me for a moment, completely silent. Then he looked up at his brother. I heard him say, "I believe she is even more than that." Then everything went black.


Willow's note: Ta-da~


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