Dragon Girl

Gaara save's a strange girl named Becca to find out that she's a Jinchuriki god. Every time he looks at her he finds himself feeling something he's never felt before. Together they face a enemy that will go through lengths to destroy the Jinchuriki god, to kill Becca.


1. Chapter 1

A quick note:
Okay, so this is not the author of this story. This is an awesome peep by the name of Willow Angel. Look me up, I'm on this website.
I'm just typing up and editing her story for her. As in, spelling. ^-^ cause I'm awesome like that ^-^ I am NOT editing or changing her story in ANY WAY. Kewl, now that's in order.

Anyway, Hana-chan here is one of my bestest buddies in the whole wide world and I'd do anything for her. ANYTHING. And Hana-chan is just starting in her writing career and she's always had a little trouble with English, so if I see ANY disrespectful comments, look out. Just sayin'.
Other than that, enjoy the book! :D Peace out!

My life was over, I was being sold to strange men for ten years. I felt useless, weak and pathetic, but mostly afraid. I was at the back of my owner's truck, he would keep me inside until we would reach our destination. That's where he would sell me, but it would be for loan. Tonight were going to the Hidden Sand Village, where once again, I will be presented to the public.




As I stayed in my corner of the truck I heard the lock of the truck click and the door slid up. "Come on, hurry up," came the rough and intimidation voice of my owner. I weakly got to my feet and walked over to him and put my hands up so he could put the usual chains around my wrists. "Ada girl. Now you better behave or I will do the same thing to you that I did to those other girls," he said, pointing a finger at me. "Got it missy?"

"Yes sir," I said, trying to show no emotion.

I slowly made my way to the stage. I noticed the red lights hanging from house to house, I saw so many people looking at me that I became shy and embarrassed.

"Ok everyone, this beautiful girl is worth 10,000 Ryo, she will let you do anything, hell, go wild," said my owner, bidding me off.

I looked at the crowd, wondering, hoping.

"That's enough!" yelled a man.

Everyone looked in the direction of the man and became silent.

I couldn't see his face but he became clear. He wore a white cloak of some sort and had a matching had that had the kanji 'Kaze', representing the Land of Wind.

"Well hello sir, would I offer you a ride, it will only cost you ten-"

"I'm the Kazekage of this village and what you're doing is not appropriate," said the mysterious man.

The man then got up on stage and faced me. He put out his hand, and I thought that he was telling me to touch his hand, but sand came out of nowhere and formed a dagger. He grabbed my chain and cut it. "What is your name?" asked the man.

"Umm, my name is Becca," I said, rubbing my wrists with relief from the chain.

"This girl is coming with me, and you are no longer allowed in this village again," said the man. He took me down off the stage and walked away. I heard my owner yelling and begging, but as we walked away his voice became thin and I became more curious and worried about where this man was taking me.

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