London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


11. Photo Shoot

He grabbed my hand and we raced down the bridge onto the main sidewalk. He pulled me back towards the little Cafè where we first started. Pulling me around the corner. We came to his car. Of course it was a Range Rover .

"Get in, I think you'll love this."

I did as he wished and with in minutes we were driving

"Where are we going ?"

"Well it's a surprise, it will help me and you."


"Well it will put your name out there more and help me finish my job." 

"Can you just tell me, I'm not really understanding what you're saying."

"Just wait we're almost there." 

He pulled into the parking lot of a tall building. We jumped out of the car and walked to the door together. 

"Stephen might be a little mad, so I'm just warning you."

" Wait what? who's Stephen? "

"You'll see." 

Stepping into the building, we walked down hallways in till he stopped us at a door a two way opening door. On the other side you could hear yelling and people running around.

"Are we going in there?"

" Yes, just stay calm it will be fine ."

He lead us into the room and we stood of to the side.

" Where is that boy always running off, just once could he corporate with us. To make things worse we don't have a girl model any more. What are we going to do. Someone call him and someone get me a water or something maybe a coffee two cream."

"Is that Stephen?"

"Haha yep watch this, He didn't even notice us, he's to in his moment."

Dom took a step forward and clapped his hands. Everyone turned to look at him and Stephen dropped his coffee cup 

" Well, Well look who decides to show up again, where did you go this time?!"

"I needed some air and I might have saved our shoot. I met a lovely girl, actually you guys might all know her as the next big thing. Come over here please."

Dom faced me and jester me over. Is he talking about me. What's this boy up to?

I silently made my way to him. 

"This is Chelsea as you all may know. She's very talented and has a lovely voice"

Gasps and ooos  filled the air. He just said my voice was lovely :) 

" As you can see she is very beautiful and I think she could fill in for our shoot here tomorrow."

Hold the phone he wants me to model. By the look on Stephen face it was obvious he would say no.

"Dom that's the greatest idea you've ever had."

Hold up ! 

Stephen walked over to us and stood directly in front of me looking at me. 

" I can tell you die your hair, and those I can see are coloured contacts. For the shoot you will go natural hair but you may keep the contacts in."

"But I...."

"No but's you will do the shoot. Now I'm off."

With that he walked away out of the building. Turning to Dom 

"Dom I can't do that my hair has to be black, if these pictures go out what will everyone think , what will the boys think. I'm not even model material here, what were you thinking this idea is horrible. Omg and I can't even..."

"Bella breathe, it's going to be okay. We can tell the boys you have a modelling gig you have to go to.  I can even talk to them. If Stephen see's you as working then you are stunning. Hello you're gorgeous and I really  want to see your natural hair. Please I know we just met but I think this could be the best shoot ever and it will make both of us bigger. I know you don't like doing things for the fame and money. Do it for your fan base that is just growing. Do it for yourself. Cause let me tell you that's what I do it for everyday."

" Okay , I'am in but we have to talk to the boys about this. I think they might freak specially after what happened at the studio today and after." 

" Here let's go there right now, trust me this will work." 

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