London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


10. Mr.Who

The world knew him as Vogue boy. He was the finest in the business. His dashing eyes are brown and his smile is charming. His hair was placed messily on his head from his hood but to him it still played him very good justice. Now the reason why I recognize this face of his is because of working at the magazine company. He was always on the front cover for the vogue articles. His name Dominique Capraro, but what was he doing here all the way in London. 

"By the look on your face it seems that you might know who I'am."

"Yes.. I know who you are, you're on the front cover of the magazines I've done. How do you know me?"

"I've seen you in the magazines to ,not to mention t.v. Your'e every where. "

"Oh, I'm not that big into the media so I don't know that much about myself out there."  

" But you know much about me ?"

"Yeah I worked at a magazine company and you were every where I looked."

"Oh "

"So mister wheres your security crew, your'e being all heroic but you're blaming me for going out without mine and clearly you don't have any with you?"  

I felt my confidence growing talking to Dom, he was pretty easy to talk to.For some strange reason

"Well missy, just like you I hate being watched 24/7 so I decided to go out on my own. I just finished with a photo shoot and sneaked out the back."

"Hmm pretty boys got an edge to him, eh."

"Well looks like singer girl has one to. But you didn't really explain to me why you were out and from the look on your face it looks like something happened."

I just met this guy does he expect me to tell him my life story.

"I just got in a heated argument after not even finishing rehearsals and I said things and then he said things and then I almost said other things."

"Who's he ?"

"My mentor for X Factor well one of them."

"Do you want to go for a walk with me down across the bridge."


"Well when ever I'm in a bad mood I always just take myself away from everything and go to my own world. That's kind of why I sneaked away." 

"Why what happened to you?"

"I have another photoshoot here in a couple of days and the girl model cancelled just like that because she got a better call. So then my manger was getting angry at me for no reason while I was doing my shoot today. I swear I almost lost it."

"So I guess we are kind of in the same boat."

"Yeah looks like we are."

He seem's to go through things like me, but can I trust him enough to tell him who I really am when I can't even tell Luke or the boys. Maybe I can start small here. Maybe letting someone else know the real me will break me out of this sadness. Maybe someone else needs to know the real me 

"Are you okay Chelsea?"

"Sorry lost in thought. But I'll take you up on that offer lets go."

"First put these on, I swear you need to learn how to disguise yourself better."

Haha if he only new.He handed me a pair of black sunglasses just like his. I slipped them on as we stepped outside. The paps were long gone so we decided on keeping our hoods down. It wasn't long till we got the bridge and just stopped to look out over the water.

"Isn't beautiful Chelsea?"

Here goes nothing 

"Look it's not Chelsea, it's Bella."

"Bella is that your real name? or like a nickname or something."

"Yes and personally I don't look like this either. I don't have midnight black hair and blue eyes. What your'e seeing is a true disguise."

"But why hide yourself?"

"It's a long story Dom."

"Hey Love I got time and I love stories, happy or sad. 

***             ***               ***            ***          ***         ***     

After standing on the bridge for what felt like hours my life story was out to a guy I just met. I told him the truth. I told him about my moving, I told him about the scars I had, not even Cam knew about those. I told him about my life with One D and how suddenly I meant nothing to them. I told him about my mom and how she was sometimes there for me. I told him who my mentors were and you should have seen the look on his face. I even told him about my dad and the nightmares that came with the panic attacks and anxiety. Everything came out to him . I don't know why I trusted him this much. I couldn't even tell Luke any of this. Why , to put it plainly I'm scared.  If they knew they would leave again. Luke was never their to stay thats for sure , at least he said goodbye but he never texts or calls, why? I don't know. Did I do something wrong, is there something wrong me? But the boys were the ones who completely shut me out. 

"You my friend have been through a lot. Most of it hell, but you have to look at the positives."

"And my friend what would those be?"

"Well if you didn't go through all of that you wouldn't have met me." He said with kind smirk

" True, true. Look at you go, making me smile when I'm down."

"So Bella is it, what do you really look like, what's under all this." 

He gestured his hand and waved vertically to my body 

"I don't think you would want to see, it's a girl that's scared of rejection and getting hurt." I turned and looked into his eyes and he looked back 

"I got an idea, come on." 

He grabbed my hand and started running. 

"Where are we going ? I swear if I'm being kidnapped."

He stopped dead on the cross walk and turned to look into my eyes.

"Trust me on this." 

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