London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


7. Morning Sickness


Harry's POV

I woke up with a head ache. Last night when I left Chelsea's room I went straight to my bed to be disturbed by loud knocks on my door. I got up and opened it to see a mad Liam, Niall and Louis. 

Liam- What the hell Harry

Harry- What?

They all stormed into my room

Niall- Do you care to explain yourself

Harry- For what?

Louis- Really Harry come on, do you think were dumb 

Liam- You locked her outside in the freezing cold, really mate how immature can you be 

Harry- It's not my fault she wouldn't listen to me and apologize to me

Niall- You need to put aside your freaking hate for each other and stop acting up

Harry- I'm not acting up

Louis- Really Harry

Liam- This is just like what happened with Bella. Harry don't screw this up like last time

Harry- Hey I wasn't the one who planned our tour. Don't bring her up 

Niall- You never let us say goodbye. You made all of us delete her number. We can bring her up if we want to

Louis- God do you know how much I miss her

Harry- I know and that wasn't me management made us get all new phones 

Liam- I just ...Harry don't do anything like this again. She's going to be sick tomorrow. And I swear to god if you pull anything like that again I'm getting Simon and management to talk to you

Harry- I'm sorry, I let me attitude get in the way. Just can we forget about all this. Please don't mention Bella

Niall- You better say sorry to her tomorrow morning. We can bring her up if we want. We know you miss her to even if you guys did have a falling out so don't try to hide it

Harry- I know okay, okay. I know 

Louis- Now get your act together. Go to bed and get up and apologize to her tomorrow . And you better make it a good one

After that they all left my room and I went back to my room. But I didn't go right to bed. I heard screaming from the room next to me.Chelsea's room. I thought about checking on her but it stopped,probably nothing . I have to admit I'm so stupid for what I did. God how could I do that to her, I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. I went to bed after all that. Now it's morning and I'm getting ready for the studio and to apologize to her. I pulled on my grey sweatpants and a plain white T-shirt and through my bandana around my head and I pulled on my nike sandals. The time was 6:20 when I pulled on my shoes and grabbed my car keys phone and key cards . Breakfast can wait till after dance today. Today I had to teach Chelsea the routine that me and the boys got taught. I got out of my room and knocked on her door. There was know answer so I used the master to key to let myself in. I walked into the living room to see Chelsea sitting on the couch in front of Luke. They both looked up at me at the same time. 

"Hey,um it's time for you to get ready so we can go."

She didn't reply to me as she got up and walked to her bedroom. 

"Luke stay here I need to get you your hoodie."

"It's fine I told you to keep it."

"Okay." She coughed and shut her door behind her

"Why are you here Luke?"

"Unlike you I was taking care of Chelsea last night. She's come down with a cold thanks to you."

"I know okay and I'm sorry for what I did. I was freaking childish."

"Don't apologize to me. She's the one that hates you."

"I know, she doesn't make it easy okay. Was that her last night screaming?"

"You'll have to talk to her about that. It's not up to me to talk about that."

Luke got up off the couch and started to walk to the door. Chelsea came out just in time ,her black hair was down and she was wearing nike black tight sweat pants and a blue zip up . 

"Hey, I need a hug before you,achoo. Go."

"But you'll get me sick ."


"I'm joking come here."

They hugged and then Luke left and the room went silent. 

 "So it's almost 7, we should be leaving soon."

She wouldn't even look at me, she went back to her room and came out with her bag. She walked over to shoes and slipped on her flip flops and stood there waiting for me.  I took this as a note that she was giving me the silent treatment. We both left her room in silence and walked to the elevator. I arrived and we stepped in. I couldn't take it anymore. 

"Look Chelsea I'm sorry I should have never done that. It was stupid and lame. I was being childish."

"You're stupid and Lame and an asshole. May I go on. Can you take a step back please?"

That was an odd request but I did what she asked and  stepped closer to the corner 

"Look I get it okay. I'm all those things right now. I'm just trying to say sorry to you."

"Look I know we hate each other but we shouldn't be physically hurting each other. Thanks to you I'm sick and I feel horrible so congratulations smart ass."

"I'm trying to apologize to you. I should have never done it okay. But you weren't listening to me. We were both childish."

"Yeah, yeah whatever."

We were arriving to the first floor and Chelsea pulled on her sunglasses . As soon as the door opened flashes we're in our faces. We were surrounded by paps and our security team. Chelsea didn't look to good from my point of view 

Chelsea's POV

The evaluator right now felt like a death trap, my throat felt like it was closing in on me. As soon as the doors to the evaluator opened we were surrounded and I felt like I was going to pass out right there and then. 

Harry's POV

"Bloddy hell Paul how did they get in here?"

"Some one leaked something about you guys. Harry grab Chelsea and take her to the back. Don't let them see your faces."

I grabbed Chelsea and pulled her close to me 

"Harry please let go of me now"

Her eyes were wide and she was actually acting nice. I let go of her arm 

"Just follow my lead and stay close."

 The security was doing a good job of keeping the paps away. We went out the back to where my  Range rover was parked. I opened the passenger door for her and she got in. I ran to my side and got in quickly backing up.

"Chelsea are you okay?"

"Harry please be quite and drive."

So that's what I did, she was acting strange right now. It was just paps, the usually thing for us.

She leaned back in her chair and pulled her hood over her head.I swear I could hear her telling herself to breath. The car ride was silent the way to the studio. I Wish they didn't follow us but the whole way we were followed by paps. Lucky they were behind us. I pulled up to the gate and told them my name. The gates opened and I drove in parking in front of the studio. The paparazzi by now were out of their cars and standing outside the gate. We both got out of the car walking our way into the studio. 

"Are you sure you're okay Chelsea."

"Harry I'm fine drop it."

With that she made her way done the hallway looking for the door that said Dance. I followed behind her and we both stopped in front of the door. She opened it and walked in trying to slam it behind her but I caught it in time

"Rude much."

"Rude much" she mimicked me and sat down on the ground next to the stereo dropping her bag.

"Okay anyway today were working on a few steps."

She coughed before answering me "Can we maybe take it a bit slow I'm not doing so well." She coughed again leaning back on the mirror wall.

"Well we got told steps we have to show you. Everyone learns the same dance. I just happened to be the best out of the boys to learn it so I get to teach it."


"It's actually really simple if you just try and listen to me. It's a simple left foot,right foot slide to the right. But you will be standing in front of me while you do it. " I walked over to the stereo and plugged in my phone. She pulled off her flip flops and got up to stand in the centre of the room. Just looking at her face right now, she looked like she was about to cry but she kept telling me she was fine.

"Hey are we going to dance or what?"

"Uh yeah." Shit I caught myself starring at her 

"Before we start were going to go without the music."

I went over to stand behind her and we both looked at ourselves in the mirror that went across the walls. 

"Let's start." 

We both did left right and then slide to the right. That's where I stopped and placed my hands on her hips 

"What are you doing back there?"

"You need to step closer to me and the next step is this cause the words are rock your body. So it's step ,step, slide, then I grab you and we rock one two and than you spin out and I pull you back in. Repeat that twice, then we will move on from there." 

 She continued with a cough "Why did it have to be you."

"Get over it princess. Let's move." We started the dance again and when I spun her out this time she let go of my hand and started coughing majorly and it looked like was was having troubles breathing. 

"Chelsea are you okay?" I took a step closer to her 

"No please don't come closer." 

"I can get you some." I was cut off as she sprinted out of the dance studio. What is going on? 

Chelsea's POV (Bella) 

I ran till I was outside. I felt the cold stone wall as I slide done it and wrapped my arms around my legs. I could feel the tears going down my cheeks as I brought my breathing to a slow and held held my head with my hands. Just breath , just breath . I couldn't breath back their, I felt my throat fighting against me to breath. It felt like my lungs were clasping and my throat was closing in. It all cued a panic attack. Just like back a the hotel. I needed to get out of that room and away form Harry before the walls could come crashing down. It felt like I was trapped outside again on the balcony. The panic attacks started when the nightmares did. Well they started when my first nightmare became a living one. I don't get the panic attacks often. Sometimes they can be over the top where if you saw me you would probably think I'm mentally going crazy or like the two I just had that was almost nothing. It could of been worse, it was awful when Harry took a step closer to me though and with the paps around. Random things usually cue my attacks. Theres nothing you can really do except take take a pill of Xanax which I do daily in the morning. Great now I'm realizing  that's where I screwed up, I didn't take it this morning. I basically ran out the door this morning trying to get away form Harry. It's better if I take it in the morning but if I miss it I take it when I have the chance ,like right away. The pill doesn't stop them completely no way, it just controls them better.  So now I guess you know the truth about me. I'm scared of heights, I have nightmares 24/7 and panic attacks( In putting it into words I'm messed).  I could feel myself breathing normally again as Harry stepped outside and glared at me. Isn't this just peachy  

"Chelsea what the heck."   

It's not his fault he knows nothing. I can't believe I'm actually being nice to him ugh 

"I need to use your phone please."

He looked at me like I was an crazy, probably cause this is the nicest I've ever been

"Can I please use your phone?"

"Yeah sure." he tossed me his phone and I called Simon. I need to update them when ever I have one it's part of the contract and my doctors orders. 

"Hi this is Simon Cowell speaking."

"It's Chelsea, I would just like to inform you that I had one actually two today so far."

"Oh Chelsea are you okay. Were they major this time? and what were the causes?"

"I'm fine, completely. Just little ones. The evaluator and the paps caused one and the second one was caused by coughing " This is the part I hate everyone treats me different and right now Harry was just giving me wired looks. 

"Make sure to call your mom and let her know, she will call into your doctor. Your sure your'e fine? and take the stairs instead in the building. I know that's a lot but it's better for you "

"Yes I'm fine Simon."

"Good, call her for me now please."

"Bye Simon."

"Call me if it happens again."


I hanged up and dialled my mom. It took a few rings and she answered 

"Hey mom."

"Bella is that you ?"

"Yeah sorry about the weird number , but I need to inform you that I had two today"

She sighed , she hates when I have them. It makes her worried and scared specially while being away 

"Are you okay dear, was it bad this time, are you dizzy , can you..."

"Mom,mom I'm fine. They weren't  to bad, I just forgot to take the pill this morning."

"That's the second time you've done that Bell, you need to take it please."

"I know mom I just forgot, I Love you."

"I love you to, be careful dear.Go take it now "

"Bye mom."

We usually keep our conversations short on this topic just because I hate talking about it. I got up leaning one hand on the wall and giving Harry his phone back

"Chelsea are you okay."

"We need to go back to the hotel right now."

"Okay sure." 

"Can you actually grab my bag and I'll meet you in the front." I'm not stepping back into the building today ,no way

"Okay sure." He looked at me funny

I left to walk around the building and waited for Harry at his range rover.  I stood in front so the paps couldn't see me thankfully. Harry came out and tossed me my bag. We entered the car in silence and we were off to the hotel. Silence filled the car. 

" So are you going to tell me why we have to quite early today and why you called Simon."

He sounded like he wanted the truth but who wouldn't. But that's the thing it's my choice to tell them about this or not I just don't know if I'm ready to or not. 

" I'm just not feeling good okay." 

"I asked you like a million times and you said you were fine." 

"Well I'm not okay."

We finally arrived and we pulled into the back entrance. I didn't even wait for Harry I bolted out of the car to the front lobby. Even the car ride here it felt like the walls were closing in. Harry came in behind me later 

"What's the rush?"

"Nothing let's just go." This is the most I've talked to Harry without actually fighting. 

He walked over to the elevatour and pressed the button and that's when I turned to go start walking up the million of stairs. The elevator right now was not a place I wanted to be .

"Where are you going?"

"The stairs."

"That's a lot of stairs if you want to get to our floor."

"It's fine , I'll see you later ."   


Authors Note: Hey people, so it's been a while but not really , lol. Anyways thanks for reading and liking. Please keep liking an favouring for the next update. Updates will come faster with more likes. Feel free to suggest things and comment. <3 you peaches 

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