London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


2. Misleading situation

I got to sit next the group USB in the car. They are pretty cool, they all have tattoos except for one and the one without tattoos has a lip ring . Their voices are amazing. They are my favourite out of all the groups here.

Are car pulled into the back area of the hotel . The sign on the gate said private property . Good that means we would be free from paparazzi but some how they would probably find their  way in sooner or later. The car pulled to a stop and we all got out walking to the back hotel door. The security brought us to a conference room that had a big table with several chairs . We all took our seats. The security guard told us to wait in the room for Simon to come talk to us. He then left the room and stood outside the room. No one spoke we were all quietly waiting for Simon. I spun slightly in my chair back and fourth. I do have to admit it's a little awkward being the only girl to have gotten through in London. My thoughts were gone when Simon came walking through the door with an older looking lady . Must be his assistant. He sat down in the head chair and the lady stood behind him.

"So congrats on all of you that have made it in London. This year for boot camp we have decide to switch it up a bit. All of you with be staying here in this hotel. You will all get your separate rooms. All of you boys will be on the 14th floor and Chelsea you will be on the 16th floor. Instead of going to boot camp rehearsals everyday, each of you are getting your own personal mentor. By each of you I mean one mentor per group. Chelsea your Mentor will be staying on your floor and all of the boys mentors will be staying on the 13th floor. Each of your mentors know how to dance and sing. So they will be teaching you along the way. Please listen to them and take their advice. I get the London group this year so, I will be checking up on you every once in a while.Every once in a while I will pass  the video camera to you and you will take a log of your day.Then X Factor will edit it and put it on the website. Each week/weekend you get to pick the two days you want off. Chelsea your dance lessons start at 7:30am and go till 9:30am.After Chelsea's dance session it's the USB,Climate,9 Times. Your Mentors will chose when your singing lesson are because, you can do that in your rooms or practically any where they chose. Can't do that with the dance because we only have the one studio for now. In time you will all get your private studios for dancing. The hotel has very good security, so you will be safe. There's a pool and exercise room as well and a little snack bar, before you go to any of those things please tell your mentor where you are going. If you want to go out, take security with you or your mentor.We have four cars so you can take one of those or your mentors.  Almost all of you are over the age for drinking so please handle that responsibly. Please no fighting with each other or causing problems. Stay safe and have fun through this journey. I don't  want to be putting up with any prince and princess bull shit so bloody hell be responsible. Do I make myself clear on all the rules?"  

We all nodded our heads up an down 

"Good, all your things have been placed in your rooms and here are your key cards.  Today is a free day so you may do as you please but put the rules I have stated in play. Any questions?"

"Actually I have one."

"Yes Chelsea?"

"When will we get to meet our mentors?"

"You will get to meet them later this afternoon, it really depends when there planes arrive here.So now that , that is answered. When I'm not here to answer your questions, you can go to my assistant Emily she will be staying on the first floor. So I have covered everything and since there is no more questions I will be off. Have a good day to yourselves, see you in three days."

Simon got up and Emily followed him out. I was the first one to stand and walk out of the room being followed by the others. I got to the elevator waiting while the boys stood behind me. We all couldn't fit so USB and I waited for the second elevator to come. Moments later the elevator dinged and we got in.I pressed the buttons 14 and 16 and the elevator started moving. There was an awkward silence between us all. Should I speak up and say somethi...

"Hey Chelsea I'm Tyler head signer and guitar player of the group."

Tyler had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, he was the one who had the lip ring.

"I'm Andrew drummer"

"I'm Nick second singer"

"I'm Joe main guitar"

"I'm Ross bass guitar "

"Nice to meet all of you, I'm Chelsea."

"We should hang after we all get settled in."

"Yeah that would be cool Tyler. It depends when our mentors get here to. They might want to keep us all to themselves haha."

"Oh yeah, here take this then."

Tyler handed me a pice of paper with a number on it. Im assuming this is his

"Text or call my number if your down to hang."

"Yeah I sure will."

With that the elevator door opened and they all walked out leaving me in the elevator to go up.I arrived on the 16th floor and walked to my room 1610. I swiped my card and walked in. I slipped off my shoes and flicked on the light switch. I walked down the little hallway to see a mini kitchen on my left and a living room in front of me. The kitchen consisted of a fridge, oven,sink,microwave,coffee maker and a lot of cabinet storage. There sat a kitchen table with four chairs. In the living room was a big couch and two love seats. In front of the couch was a flat screen tv and a xbox 360 and a stereo, they sat on the console under the tv. There was a big glass door to the outside leading to a balcony. I turned to my right and  walked into a bedroom. There was a queen bed and side tables on each side. My suit case and bags laid on the bed. There was a big dresser to put my things in. My room also had a tv in front of the bed hanging from the wall and a walk out balcony.

If you turned to the right in my bedroom and walked a little, to the left was a massive bathroom with a separate shower and tub,toilet and a big vanity with a sink.God I can't even believe I'm standing here in this room. This bedroom probably cost more then my house(okay thats's a little over the top but you get what I mean). I walked back over to my bed and started to take my things out of my suit case and bags. I went back to the bathroom placing all my toiletries on the vanity. I walked back grabbing all my clothes and placing them in the dresser. I moved my suit case and bags to the corner of my room where a bean bag chair sat. After I finished I walked back into the bathroom and put my glasses on.

Yeah I wear glasses now  cause I'm near sided and I forgot to put my blue prescription ones in. Today I'm just wearing the blue non prescriptive ones. I left the bathroom and sat on the bean bag chair in the corner of the room. I pulled out my note book that a I kept all my writing in, like stories,songs,poems. I continued on one of the stories I was writing. Time went by and I felt myself slowly closing my eyes. Before I knew it my book and pen fell out of my hand and I was out like a light. 

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