London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


1. Let's start again

I stood  behind the curtain waiting to be ushered on to go for my turn. I could hear the crowd booing, I guess the audience didn't  like the last audition, harsh. I held a microphone in my hand, this is what I wanted badly. I've wanted this ever since my mom told me she would give me anything I wanted and since the day when I first stepped into that music room, remembering my day of dance and singing when I was little . She said if I failed at this everything would be alright , she said hey at least you tried. Even though she was barely there for me growing up she always tried her best to support me. I looked down to the number on my tag it read 165998. Please let this be a lucky number. The thing that drove me crazy the most though was what if he noticed me. Who you might ask ? Simon. I don't want him to recognize me, even though I only met him once. I'll never know why they never replied to my messages or my calls, I'll never know why they never said goodbye properly,I'll never know why Niall was the last one to talk to me . They left me in the dust like I knew they would, all alone without a clue. That Stupid fight  we had about a stupid little storm caused all this and my willing not to tell what storms really mean to me. I didn't talk to them for a week. But then the next monday rolled around I thought hey time to be the better person and apologize, cause to be honest I really missed them. I changed now. My hair is now black cause I dyed it with wash out dye, so every time I get out of the shower I reapply it. My eyes were now a bright blue from the old colour brown cause I wear colour contacts now. I have a fake lip ring I wear cause ever since that day I met Luke I always wanted one but I'm to afraid to actually get one.My hair is still wavy and I still have the same style. But for today I dressed a little nicer. I got pushed out of my thoughts when I was literally getting pushed to go on the stage. I walked over to stand on the red X on the ground, a million eyes were on me. I stood nervously waiting for one of the judges to talk. 

Simon Cowell- Well hello there, what is your name? 

Bella- My names Chelsea

Yeah now I was going by my middle name and no one new except for my mom and my good friend Cam from High school.Yeah after the boys left I got really close with him, we shared secrets with each other and told each other everything. At first yeah he was a jerk,that came on way to strong but I'm glad he changed for the better.I had to change my name so no one would recognize me, specially the boys. I didn't even tell Luke about this,I wanted to keep the secret only between three people. I was still getting to know Luke 

Lou- How old are you love?

Bella- I'm 20 , turning 21 soon

Demi Lovato- I love your style, tell us one fact about you 

Bella- First time performing in front of these many people haha

Simon- So what song will you be singing

Bella- I'll be singing Better then words

Since that day when me and Cameron performed that song, everyone loved it in class, specially Mr.Hatter. Cameron said that I should perform it when I went on X factor ,so that's what I'm doing right now    

Lou- Go ahead,Good luck love

Bella- Thanks 

I wanted to start at Louis part because it's my favourite. So I began to sing when the music came on  

Better than words
You drive me crazy
Someone like you
Always be my baby

(Some people started cheering 
Best I ever had
Hips don't lie
You make me wanna sss
One more night
Irreplaceable (yeah), crazy, we're crazy
(More people started clapping and cheering)
Ah, woo
I don't know how else to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
There's no way I can explain your love , no
Ah, woo
I don't know how else to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
I can't explain your love, no
(By now everyone was standing and cheering, What the fuck ahh)
Everyone tries (they try)
To see what it feels like (feels like)
But they'll never be right
'Cause it's better, it's better, it's better

Simon raised his hand to tell me to stop sining. Oh god was I that bad

Simon-Okay I think it's time to judge now, Demi you first 

Demi Lovato- Girl you got spirit and a lot of heart, your'e stunning you got the looks and the voice. It's a yes for me 

Lou- Chelsea your voice went lovely with that song, I can picture you somewhere in years writing music and singing. That's why it's a yes for me 

Bella- Thank you!

Simon- I haven't heard a voice quit like yours for a while. It's different, unique. You have that something. You actually remind me of two lads that were on the show before. You got a big fat yes from me 

Bella- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! 

Lou-We will see you at boot camp Chelsea 

Bella- Yes you will ! 

And with that I ran off the stage to go to the back stage. I can't believe this , I never thought this would happen not in a million years. I'm so happy ahhhh, I can't believe this at all. But my curiosity comes into play, What two boys did I remind him of. My thoughts were thrown away when I heard my phone ringing. I grabbed it out of my pocket and looked at the caller. Yeah I get calls now it's awesome. The Id said Mom. She said she would watch. I picked up the phone 

"BELLAAAAAAA great job honey I'm so proud of you. I knew you could do it. I will always believe in you no matter what happens." 
"Thanks mom that means a lot, you gave me this opportunity. I miss you so much already. I promise I'll call or text you everyday I'm here. Did you watch me on the tv at work ?"

" Yeah everyone was watching, even some of the kids in the health centre.They all loved you very much." 

" Wow that's awesome mom, wait hold on I'm getting another call."

"Go a head answer it, love you sweetie, talk soon."

"Bye Mom love you forever and always." 

I hang up the phone and then answered the next call 


"Bellllllllllllllllllllllla , wait I mean Chelseaaaaaaaaaaaa haha."

" Omg Hi Cammy boy." 

" Don't call me that haha, so congrats on your first big step there. I bet you already miss me though." 

" How could I miss your friendliness. Haha and thank you." 

"You had a great song choice, picked by a great friend. Can you remind me of who that friend is ?"

" Stop playing Cameron, it was you. And I thank you for making me sing it." 

"Hey what can I say I'm a helper. So do you know any details yet?" 

" Well they said that we will get driven to a hotel in London and then get told the details. We have to sneak out though cause we don't want any paps following us 

" Sounds exciting. Did anyone else make it yet in London. I kind of shut it off after I heard you made it." 

"So far there's me, a boy band called Climate, a boy band called 9 times and another boy band called USB each group has 4 except for USB they have 5."

" God boy bands over there are popular or what." 

" Yeah, hope I'm not the only girl in this competition. I know though that me and the three bands will be staying together because we all made it in London. I'm not sure if their going to put us in a house together or if we are staying in a hotel or not."

Crew worker- Can I get everyone that has made it so far over here please 

"Cameron it looks like I got to go, I will keep you updated." 

" Good Luck Bella, I mean Chelsea. I'm going to have to get used to this. Call me when ever, my life is boring without you now."

" You will be okay you have the boys Wade and Ethan. I really have to go now, so love you Bestie bye." 

" Bye Bestie, stay smooth." 

I ended the call slipping my phone into my pocket. I walked over to where the three bands were standing with the crew worker.

Crew worker- So the show is over now, you are the four acts that made it in London. We are going to be shuttling you all to the hotel , where we will have a conference talk with you. So grab your things and follow me. 

I turned around and grabbed my suit case and two bags that I brought. I walked back over to the rest of the group

Crew worker- Alright then everyone's good then. Off we go to the car

This was it the start of something new. It could all go down in Flames from here or It could rise and shine like the sun. 


Bellas(Chelsea's) OUTFIT 






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