London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


6. Hero

Lukes POV

 Dinner was great with all the boys, we laughed at each others stories and had a pretty decent time. To bad Chelsea didn't come the night would've been better. Harry on the other hand I don't mind, he was just caught up in the moment today. 5SOS gets to mentor USB and when Tyler told me that Chelsea wanted him to bring back food for her I offered to go with him. Cause of the rules of course :). We got back to the hotel and I went up with the rest of One Direction and Tyler. We all walked to Chelsea's room to see Harry fast asleep on the couch. As soon as the door closed he woke up looking at us.He told us he was going to go sleep in his room and that he would see Chelsea in the morning and to tell her to be up at 6:30 because they would be leaving at 7. I watched him go out the door as the rest of One direction sat on the couch and Tyler joined them after placing the pizza box in the fridge. Chelsea was no where in sight, and her bedroom door was shut. Being the curious person I'am ignored the boys conversation they were having and knocked on her door. I waited a few seconds and there was no answer ,so I knocked again and waited a few more seconds but she didn't answer. So I opened the door and closed it behind me to see her no where. "Chelsea, are you in here?" She didn't answer me. The bathroom lights were off and so were the bedrooms. So a flicked them on. I glanced in the wall mirror and it had the reflection of the balcony. She was outside? There I saw her huddled up into the the glass door with her arms around her legs pulling them closer to her.  I walked over and unlocked the door opening it. 

"Bloody hell what are you doing out here Chelsea it's freezing cold."

She didn't even look up to see me. Her face faced into her legs as she looked down.

"Chelsea,come on let's get you inside."

I bent down and scooped her up in my arms. Her body was freezing cold and she wouldn't say a word to me. I closed the door as I walked with her in my arms to her bed. Placing her down I stood back and looked at her. Her mascara was ran down her face,she was only wearing a T-shirt and fuzzing socks. And she wouldn't stop shaking. My first question was what happened and why was she out their. She said she was afraid of heights, and the door was locked ,why would she stay out the in the freezing weather.  

"Chelsea why were you out there by yourself ?"

She didn't look up to me as she spoke 

"I had t.o.o.o make a ca.l.l.l and Ha.r.r..y wouldn't leave me ..alone."

Her teeth chattered as she spoke. 

"Okay but why didn't you come back in. It's freezing out specially for what you're wearing. You'll probably be sick tomorrow."

"The do.o.oo.r was lockkked, Harry he.."

I pulled off my 5SOS hoodie and handed it over to her 

"Here put this one, I'm going to go have a chat with the boys."

She grabbed the hoodie and her eyes went wide as she looked at me. Ignoring her confusion I left her there to go talk to the rest of the guys. 

Luke: Hey guys do you know what Harry did to Chelsea

They all just stared at me. I knew what he did, he locked her out there 

Luke: What?

I looked down and noticed I had no shirt on . Haha oops. That's why chelsea was looking at me 

Tyler: Haha what happened to your shirt?

Luke: Haha,Never mind that, Harry locked Chelsea out in the freezing cold on the balcony 

Niall: What!??? 

Luke: I just went in her room and found her out there. She'll be lucky if she doesn't get a cold. 

Liam: Oh god Harry what have you done this time. Lads let's go talk to him

Louis:Um Luke can you stay here, I'm sure Zayn won't mind taking Tyler back to his room 

Zayn: Not a problem, let's go bud

Tyler: Alright, Tell Chelsea I say goodnight and I hope she's alright. Do you want my hoodie Luke, I actually wear shirts under mine haha 

Luke: No I'm fine haha , and for sure will do 

Louis walked up to me before he left and whispered in my ear." I'm leaving you here cause I've seen how she acts around you. It looks like she trust you the most so far."


I could see the anger in Liam's eyes as he left. Harry was in for something that's for sure.They all left and I was left in the silent room. I went back to Chelsea's room and knocked on the door. "Come in" You could barley hear her when she spoke. I walked back in to see her in the same position I left her in, now wearing my hoodie. 

"Luke you can have your hoodie back.I'm fine." 

and then she sneezed and started to take off the hoodie 

"Great, this is wonderful. Like you said I think I'm already getting sick."

I walked over to her bed and sat down in front of her.

"Keep the hoodie it looks better on you. Why did Harry lock outside?"

"Cause he hates me, it's as simple as that. I wouldn't say sorry to him and that made him mad."

"He shouldn't be locking you outside though. He made his own competitor sick and Tyler brought you your pizza by the way." 

"I'm not hungry anymore I kind of lost my appetite..."

She pulled the hood over her head as a couple of tears ran down her cheek. I pulled her closer to me and wiped under her eyes with my thumb.

"Chelsea what's wrong, I'm here it's okay."

"It's so stupid I'm sorry. I was just.. I was just scared. Being out there all alone, I thought everything was going to go crumbling down. Everything was just getting to me.. I'm sorry you should just go I don't like crying."

More tears ran down her face and I pulled her into a hug. Her body felt lifeless and I could feel she was still cold as she shook as her arms wrapped around me. 

"I'm so sorry Luke. You shouldn't have to deal with this."

"Shh. Chelsea it's okay. I know we just met but I'm here okay. You can tell me anything you want. You can trust me. I'm sorry for what Harry did. He's a numbskull sometimes. The boys are talking to him right now and I'm pretty sure he's getting in a shit load of trouble." 

She finally laughed and a smiled appeared on her face as she slightly looked up to me

"Thanks Luke and I hope he get's his annoying ass kicked."

"No problem Chelsea. Well you should get some sleep because you're already catching a cold." 

She pulled out of the hug an sat back a bit

"No I'm just going to stay up for a bit. This is my first time not having someone sleep by me and I don't feel like having nightmares." 

Her eyes went wide as she looked at me

"What did you just say ?"

"Nothing, I just, it's nothing."

She covered her face with her hands and looked down. I pulled her hands away from her face and pulled up her chin with my hand. 

"Chelsea you can tell me."

"It's just, it's. I get nightmares almost every night if someones not their sleeping next to me I know it's weird. I started happing when I was 17. My mom slept by my side everyday since then and now this is the first night with out her."

"What do you do when she's not there?"

 "I rather have horrible nightmares where I scream and cry and wake up with tear filled eyes or I just don't go to bed , I'll stay up all night if I have to."

"Did you say anything about this to Simon or the guys?"

"Simon knows but I said I could handle it.But to be honest I don't know how I will"

"What if you have a nightmare how do you wake up."

" I rather wake up with tear filled eyes or my mom would come running in my room and pour water over my face.The cold water sends signals to your nerves to wake you up.She would try to shake me but nothing worked"

"Can I ask you what these nightmares are about ?"

She looked away sheepishly from me 

"I always have a couple. Ones where everyone leaves me, everyone just disappears and my two other ones are actually living nightmares."

"Living nightmares?"

​"I'd rather not talk about it?"

Then she sneezed again.

"That's it your going to bed you need to be up at 6:30am tomorrow. I'll stay here with you for the night."

"No Luke it's fine,seriously you can go."

"Nope I'm staying right here, I will sleep on the couch. And you can sleep in your bed."

I got up and walked to her doorway

"Do you still think you'll have nightmares if I'm just in the other room?"

"I'm not sure,I can try." 

"Okay I'll just be on the couch."

I turned off her bedroom light 

"Thanks Luke for all this."

"Hey it's nothing."

I walked out of her room and left her door opened slightly. I then shut all the other lights off and locked the main door. After I crawled onto the couch closing my eyes. Hoping that Chelsea would be okay.


I woke up to the sound of screams and quite cries. I jumped off the couch and ran to Chelseas room. Slamming the door open and flicking the lights on. She was tossing and turning and screaming like someone was killing her. I ran over to her side and shook her ."Chelsea wake up it's okay I'm here" I yelled. It didn't work and the tears were running down her face. Think Luke, water. There was a glass of water on her bedside table. I grabbed it and sat across her stomach pouring the water on her face.Her screams disappeared and her eyes slowly opened. She supported herself with her elbows and as soon as she realized I was there she pulled me down to her and kept her arms wrapped around me. I could feel the light tears she was crying mark my shirt

"Luke I'm so sorry I.."

"Shhh.Chelsea I'm here you're okay. Everything is okay.There's nothing to be sorry for " I wrapped my arms around her

"Luke I.I just." Her cry's wouldn't stop so I pulled her closer to me 

"Chelsea lets go sleep on the couch okay.Your beds wet from the water. I'll sleep with you. It will be okay. You are not alone"

She nodded her head and pulled out of the hug. 

'I'm going to put on something else."

She let go of me and I removed myself off of her and sat on the bed. She got up and walked over to her dresser and pulled out a long t-shirt

"Oh I'll just um.."

"No it's okay Luke just look over there please."

I turned to face the other way but I caught the sight of her in the wall mirror. She pulled off the hoodie first and dropped it on the ground. Then she pulled off the tishirt she had on under. Stop looking Luke my conscience told me. But I didn't want to. She's beautiful. Perfect height and she was fitter then every. The dimples in her back were so cute and her hair fell perfectly on her back. She pulled on her shirt and that's when I looked away from the mirror and glanced at the ground.I felt small arms wrap around me form behind and a head placed on my shoulder.

"Thanks Luke for all this,it means a lot." She hiccuped out  

Every time I've hugged her or touched her it all feels very familiar. I can't help but feel that.I turned to face her and looked up at her.

"Hey it's all good I'm here when you need me.Now lets go to that couch.Are you okay?". She nodded to to me a yes making me feel a bit relaxed 

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and laughed. God her laugh is something else. It's amazing. She grabbed the smaller blanket off her bed and I carried her to the couch. I let her down and I got on the couch and laid down. She looked at me shyly.

"Come on you need to sleep."

She smiled and slid in next me. I pulled the blanket over top of us. She was nervous for some reason you could tell by the way her body was tense up against mine.

"Chelsea relax it's okay. I'm here. You can go to bed now I won't leave."

 She turned on her side to face me 

"Can I um. lean on you or uh."  She's so cute when she's nervous and shy 

"Come here." I pulled her towards me and her head laid on my chest while her one arm went over my stomach. I wrapped my arms around her. "See every things all right Chelsea.Now get some rest I'll wake you up when you have to go." 

"Thank you Luke. I'm sorry I can't stop thanking you." I placed my hand in her hair and stroked it 

"Chelsea, it's fine now please go to bed. You won't have anymore nightmares." I kissed the top of her head and she surprisingly kissed my chest  

"Good night Luke."

"Goodnight Chelsea."

We both fell asleep in each others arms.

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