London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


4. Begin again

Lukes POV

We both heard a loud knock come from the front door.

"Should we go get that ?"

"Um. yeah sure."

I was first to stand up, looking down at Chelsea. Her hair sat perfectly on her back and her blues eyes were shining. 

"Well are you coming?"

"Uh Luke I... I don't "

Oh yeah, she was deathly afraid of heights and you could tell. Even though this wouldn't make it any better maybe I would get a laugh out of her. I picked her up and through her over my shoulder, it actually made her laugh and she didn't sound sacred.

"Luke you crazy boy haha.Put me down."

"Haha never."

I slid open the glass door and walked over to the front door opening it to see 5 boys staring at me.They were known as One Direction. Yeah we were friends, not to close though. I moved to the side to let them all in. Chelsea was still over my shoulder as we all made our way to the living room. The boys sat down and I put Chelsea back down. Zayn coughed clearing the awkwardness. Niall started to speak"It's good to see you again and it looks like you've met our mate Luke here." He gave me a friendly smile. "Yeah." The other boys introduced themselves, the whole time though Harry was staring at me and then he looked to the kitchen and saw the bag. He got up and grabbed it."Chelsea where did you get this?"

"Down at the snack bar duh ." 

" Little girl  don't duh me.You're not supposed to go places by your self. Breaking the rules is not to be tolerated."

"Little girl really I would bet I'm almost as old as you . For your information I wasn't by myself "

"Who were you with then?"

"I was with Luke, you nosy."

He turned to look at me now.

"Luke you have your own band to take care of. We can watch our own competitor."

 "Harry chill, I saw her in the elevator and we started talking. It's not like you guys were keeping a eye on her, she's a little feisty one. That's for sure."

I turned to Chelsea and winked at her, causing her to smirk and blush a little 

"Well we will keep an eye on her now. Luke please leave we have things we need to discuss with her."

" Yeah I was going to go anyways."

I got up and walked to the door, hearing foot steps behind me. I opened the door and walked out of Chelsea's room. I didn't hear the door close and I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

"What you weren't going to say by to me?"

Chelsea reached out her arms and I pulled her into a hug. This felt all to familiar

"Of course I was going to say bye. Well maybe I'll see you later, I won't let those boys keep you all to themselves."

"Haha okay Luke, yeah lets for sure hang out again."

I said see you later and walked to the evaluator. Wondering about that feel I just got 

No one's POV

Chelsea walked back into the room and walked to her bedroom ignoring the boys looks. She grabbed her phone and checked her messages. She walked back out and sat on the free love seat. 

Harry-Okay as we were saying, Chelsea, hello..

She was to busy looking at her phone to even realize the boys started talking to her. Harry grabbed her phone away from her and slid it in his pocket 

Chelsea-Hey, who shit in your cornflakes this morning. Give my phone back.

Harry-Not until were finished talking here 

Louis- Harry just give her phone back 

Chelsea-God your not my dad 

Harry- Yeah wouldn't want to be 

Chelsea- Don't say a word to me about that subject

Chelsea was pissed off, she got up and walked over to Harry. Pushing him down on the couch and quickly sliding her phone out of his pocket. She walked to over to where she was sitting before.

Chelsea- Okay so can someone else start this whole talking thing. Anyone other then Harry 

She glared at Harry and he turned away from her look

Liam- I will. We wanted to start off by congratulating you for making it this far.Trust us we know what it's like. The pressure,sickness,confuse,happiness are all the feelings you will get during this process of work. All of us are here for you, so don't be afraid to ask for help.Being as this is our first day getting to know you, we want to get to know you a bit more. 

Chelsea-Okay what do you want to know, I'm not answering the questions I don't want to answer by the way

Zayn-Fair enough

Chelsea-Do I get to ask you questions, I don't know much about you (complete lie) 

Louis- Yeah sure

Liam- Okay I get first question. Favourite colour ?

Chelsea-  Actually got three. Purple,Blue and orange 

Niall- Where were you born?

Chelsea- London, hence the British accent

Louis-Foods you hate

Chelsea-Oilves and chocolate,ew

Zayn- Are you currently in a relationship ?

Chelsea- Nah 

Harry sighed - Guess it's my turn. How old are you 

Chelsea- Did you guys hear something, sounded like nothing to me ... Oh wait that was him talking, my mistake. I'm 20. Any more questions?

Niall- Luke was right you're feisty, haha Harrys got competition Lads

Chelsea- Puff bring it on. My turn for questions, I got two actually. First one any of you lads got girlfriends 

Louis- Zayn here has a finance . Niall and Liam have things with two girls, I don't see them in a serious way though and Harry eh no one ever knows and me I'm single 

This caused Chelsea to to giggle under her breath and pull a smirk on to his face

Chelsea- So you're saying that out of all of you, flirty boy over there (pointing to Harry)doesnt have somone. Go figure 

Harry-What's that supposed to mean, Louis doesn't have someone either 

Chelsea- True but Iv'e heard about you. Who would want to look at that annoying face all day 

The boys were a little shocked, but laughed quietly. Bella was fierce now, not putting up with anyones bull crap.

Harry- I see you believe in everything you read. At Least I'm not a bitch 

They stopped laughing and looked at Harry

Chelsea-Haha I've been called worse.So if you're trying to get under my skin,you're going to have to try harder pretty boy

Liam-Umm guys .. anyways what's your second question 

Chelsea-Oh it doesn't matter anymore 

Zayn-Okay well if thats the case then,we also want to inform you that all the bands and mentors are going for dinner tonight.

Harry-That means you have to look nice and wear something fashionable, if you know what that is 

Chelsea-Yeah no thanks I'll stay here 

Niall- No you can't because we can't leave you here alone by your self 

Chelsea-Well that sucks cause I don't want to go 

Louis-Ah , I see that you have it too just like our dear friend Harry here: stubbornness , everyone is going tonight though 

Chelsea-Sorry I'll pass

Chelsea got up from her chair and walked into her bedroom slamming the door shut 

Boys POV

Harry- Fuck she's so stubborn.Freaking princesses on our hands 

Liam-No I don't think so 

Niall-She's not used to this

Harry- So we weren't used to it,look where we are now

Niall-Thtat's not my point

Zayn- The point is that we have to make her feel welcome

Louis- We are though 

Liam-Not all of us

They all turned and looked at Harry

Harry-What she started it, I'm not going to be nice to someone I don't like

Niall- How do you not like her,all you two have done so far is yelled at each other

Harry- I really don't care,all I'm supposed to do is teach her how to dance not be buddy buddy with her

Zayn-You're stubborn just like her 

Harry- Shut up

Louis-Maybe we shouldn't force her to go 

Niall- Yeah I guess if she doesn't want to go,she doesn't want to go

Harry-We can't just leave her here alone though 

Liam- Yeah that's why your going to stay here and watch her

Harry-What?! No shitting way, one of you can 

Zayn- No we all decided your staying, rather you like it or not

Everyone except Harry got up and walked to the door 

Liam- Keep an eye on her and don't get into trouble 

Liam,Niall,Louis,Zaun-Bye Harry

Harry-Bye assholes,ugh... 

Bellas POV

I could hear the boys arguing the whole time I was in the shower. When I shut it off I heard the door slam shut,thank god they left. Maybe they actually trusted me enough to stay here alone.Like really what am I going to do. I brushed my hair and sprayed it with the black hair dye . Then I put in my prescription blue contacts before I put on my waterproof foundation.It covers the marks, the nightmares and the dreams on my lower body. I wrapped my towel around my naked wet body and walked out into my room. Some reason chocolate milk came to my mind and my mouth started to water a bit.Hey I'm in love with chocolate milk, if you could marry pizza and chocolate milk I think I would. My one hand opened my door while the other hand held on to my towel.  I walked to the cupboard and pulled out a glass, then I pulled the chocolate milk out of the fridge and poured milk into the the glass and then placed the milk back in the fridge. I turned around to go back to my room. Wait what the Fuck ?   


Author Note: Hey sorry I haven't updated forever, it feels like it. I got asked to write a play so I've been busy doing that,It's worth a lot of attention at the moment as well as me memorizing the lines for the play I'm in. Thanks for reading and liking ,please keep it up. Love you peaches x :) 







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