My Love Life



1. My Love Life

I never thought that I would have the capability of loving Justin, but after a long time, for some reason, God turned the tables, and now I love him, the type of love I'm talking about is not only being a Belieber, but loving him as a boyfriend, and friend who cares for you, is committed to you, and that loves you because your you and that you won't change because you know that he loves you for you, and the best person you can be is you because God put you on this earth as you, and there's a reason he didn't put you on earth as anyone else, and that reason is because your living for you not anyone else, and because your soul mate will love you for you and only you, take this from me and read it, keep it in your heart, that you are capable of loving and life, no one can make you do anything, their words are what make you decide to do things, and deciding to do things is the total opposite of actually doing things, I love Justin and I love you.


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