My Love Life



2. Bang Bang

*Lil Wayne, Love Me playing from my phone*
 Me: Hey
Scooter: Hey Victoria I was wondering if you would want to be in the Bang Bang music video by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.
Me: Are you kidding Scooter why on earth wouldn't I want to be in that music video, I'm in love with the song, oh my gosh when is it when and I going to meet up with the crew.
Scooter: We actually need you at the studio here now, and Justin's here, he's just gonna wait till the video shoots and then he's gonna go out with Selena.
Me: Oh, will I be able to see him, and now oh my gosh, haha I'll be right there, give me at least 5 min


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