I'm In Love With My Best Friend



7. Texting In Detention

The day before prom.
I went to my locker and went to take out the slice of pizza for lunch. I was walking and got stopped by the Dean and he asked me to go to detention wtf did I do to get detention, so anyway I walked right by him, and he called security and they asked me to go to detention, so I did uhg I hate school.
I walked myself to detention.
I opened the door, all the students looked at me like I was an alien, I guess I was now the center of attention, the security guard told me to sit all the way in the back. I did. Bitch. There was no one in back and I felt so lonely. 
I got on my phone whole the security guard was on her phone. There was a text from Justin
J: hey where r u Carla was looking for you?
V:Detention :|
J: we got a bad ass in the house lmao
V: not funny Bieber, I didn't do shit
J: yea right, anyway I'll tell Carla where you are ;)
V: Oh ok, why the wink tho?
J: you'll see.
Okaaay weirdo, anyway I can't act like I didn't enjoy texting him, or even him sending me a winky face but I wonder what he meant.


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