I'm In Love With My Best Friend



6. Preparing

Flashback to yesterday*
Me, Carla and Justin all walked me to my house, when we got there I gave Carla a hug and said bye to Justin, before I got to turn around Justin pulled me into a hug, "You think because I'm your best friends brother or that I got you all wet, you can't give me a hug" he said smirking, sending me a wink.
I chuckled and gave Justin a hug, he grabbed me by my waist and moved his hands down about 2 inches, it felt weird but at the same time I almost died, almost.
They left and I fell asleep.
End of flashback*
Today we have prom and I totally forgot! It's so unfair! I haven't had anyone ask me to prom and I'm pissed off, I would like to go with Justin but that'll be going a little to far. Anyway I still gotta go to the Bieber household because of that science project. I bet Carla got a date to prom, I mean come on she's so pretty, I heard one of Justin's friends asked her out. I don't know I'll just go with a bunch of my friends. Yea. Have some fun with my girls, maybe even my sister Kristina. She's pretty too, not as pretty as Carla though. I got to go shopping now uhhggg.


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