I'm In Love With My Best Friend



3. Dinner

*Justin winked at me*
I mumbled under my breath something I wouldn't want any of them to hear
We got to the dinner table and I waited for everyone to get seated so I could know what seat I would be taking, Pattie and Carla sat on one side of the table which means I was left with Justin, oh Lord please don't let anyone try anything stupid pleaseeeeeeeee
 I awkwardly sat in the seat, Justin was burning holes in the side of my face, he was looking at me though I didn't wanna look back, Pattie brought us the food.
"Thank you Ms.Mallette"
"Aw sweetie call me Pattie, we're not strangers, any friend of Carla is a friend of mine."
Pattie said sweetly making me feel very special.
"Mom I sit next to her in class you act like I don't know her" Justin said, it make me laugh
"Well I surely didn't think you knew her since you didn't greet her like a young lady should be greeted Justin" Pattie said with a little attitude.
"Anyway I think we should all eat" Carla said and I agreed


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