I'm In Love With My Best Friend



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In school, you are taught a lesson & then given a test. But in life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson

Yea so there's this guy in school that I like and yea I think he's cute, but he's one of the "badasses" is school, make that the leader, anyway I like him I mean some girls in my school find his attractive and the others think of him as a douche, he's sweet when he wants to be and he's an ass when he feels like it.
   I sit next to him in class and he always ends up getting into some type of trouble, sometimes I laugh at him for getting in trouble and other times I feel like slapping him.
    His name is Justin and I really like that name and if I had to name him there would be no other name that suits him like 'Justin' does.
    He looks at my papers to find the answer to the questions, I don't mind.
    I watch him play basketball, he's good at it. Make that the best.
   I wish we we're more than friends, I mean I never had a boyfriend and I'm by looking forward to having one but I can't help but crush on him, his eyes are caramel brown, he has dirty blonde hair, the way he clenches his jaw makes him look really strong, his tattoos make him look edgy, but I think it's hot, I wish he would notice me more but I can't figure out a way.

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